Which fandoms would you join?

Which fandoms would you join?

Cowgirl-Cutie Cowgirl-Cutie
What fandoms are you a part of? If you could join any of your favorites which would it be and why?
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Voir Voir
None. I have particular things that I am a fan of but I refuse to be involved with fandoms because most of them are rabid and insane. The Naruto and Final Fantasy VII fandoms, for example, always fighting about who or what they would pair certain characters with and why or how that's canon because of this or that... and the Harry Potter fandom is just disturbing somewhat... not owning merchandise - a scarf, t-shirt, poster w/e ... but the whole tattoos of a dark mark and walking around -daily- in 'wizard' attire is just fairly disturbing to me.
ThunderThighs ThunderThighs
If I were to ever it'd be Harry Potter and/or Supernatural.
SecondStory SecondStory
I might have been in Supernatural fandom if I could get through season 4.
Chilipepper Chilipepper
Mini Text Wall:

Been part of Harry Potter, the academic and philosophical side of it. The conventions are a whole other world, and filled with all the creativity and camaraderie that I've never gotten with "normal" people. Most all the people I know in it hold doctorates in everything from literature to hard sciences (several are rather famous in their fields and keep their HP fanning a secret).

Various anime fandoms, although I always end up in the intellectual/adult camps that shy away from infighting and focusing on characters' sex lives. We mostly wrote speculative fic based on the plot lines and minor details that could be important. I also cosplayed.

I would join the Sherlock fandom, but the few fans I met are strictly into the slash part, so I have little in common with them. The only person who I can discuss it with is C since he's not into slash and is actually interested in the writing of the show. Same situation with Doctor Who.
Iamconfused1 Iamconfused1
I'm still a part of a fandom, but I'm less active in it than I used to be. It was for the television show Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World. It only ran for 3 seasons, but it is still my favorite.
jr2012 jr2012
I used to be a part of the lord of the rings fandom! Obviously since the series is over that has waned.

the only other one I would be willing to join is Star Trek! You have no idea how long I could go on and on about Trek
TrenchcoatHunters TrenchcoatHunters
Teen Wolf and Supernatural are my biggest fandoms, but I love Harry Potter just as much, just don't get to see much of it anymore due to it being finished. I miss the ABC family Harry Potter marathons.
I Am Sherlocked I Am Sherlocked
Sherlock and Doctor Who. Slightly into Supernatural.
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