Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3

Rod Ronald Rod Ronald
I've sen people who loved it, and more people who have hated it! Was the ending really that bad? I'm with most people that it was for sure a great WTF momment, but I can also see how it's meant to beat you down. No happy endings when it's an army of you vs everything basically. So what did you think of the game and ending?
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namelesschaos namelesschaos
The game minus the ending was mostly excellent 9/10. I can't give it a 10/10 due to:

1) Mandatory multiplayer (or that ios game) to get all variations on the ending (singular). Despite Bioware saying otherwise people have data mined the game their just isn't enough assists in the game. I like multiplayer personally but it a big slap in the face on principle.

2) Glitches, glitches everywhere. Just the ones that affected me personally: 1.Glitched paragon option for a citadel quest. 2. I had to restart an N7 mission multiple times because it keep glitching to the point of making it un-winnable. 3. My character repeatedly got "stuck" on the bridge requiring a reload. If you happen to save wile stuck your screwed.

4. Gave this one its own paragraph because it so bad. There is a glitch in mutiplayer that causes your promoted charter to retain it old stats. That doesn’t sound bad until you realize this can get you reported as a cheater getting your account banned from multiplayer. However, that is not the worse part. Bioware had an event all about promoting characters despite the fact that this glitch was reported before that event and has not yet formal acknowledge that the glitch exists. So hold an event that you know is going to cause a large amount of players to glitch then ban then for it = FAIL

5. The journal system was unrefined and a step back from the previous two games.

With the ending rating: ERROR: Divide by cucumber

Yes the ending was that bad. Others have described it better then me:

Best explanation is this 39 minute YouTube video: link The problem isn't that the end "beat you down" it would have to make sense for it to do that .

Note; just today Bioware official announced a Extend cut DLC: link
Double Analysis Double Analysis
I loved it and I think people should seriously stop with the bitching about the end. I hate that there is a petition going around to have the ending changed. You wouldn't petition to change the end to a book or change other art.

Anyway, I'm not sure why a solid conclusion is a bad thing.
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