Not sure of your ideology? What do you watch?

Not sure of your ideology? What do you watch?

T&A1987 T&A1987
This link suggests certain shows are mainly popular with democrats, while others with republicans.

For example, Republicans like The Bachelor and The Middle, while democrats like Glee and Cougar town.

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Rossie Rossie
Those findings doesn't fit me, I'm a Democrat, but the only two shows I do watch from that list are: Parenthood and The Office. I HATE Glee, Cougar town and some of the other shows!

Maybe I should change party and become a Republican, since there are THREE shows on the Republican's list that I love to watch!
Holly Hox Holly Hox
interesting. I am middle of the road, and I watch a hand full of shows from each list.
AndroAngel AndroAngel
Apparently, I side mostly with the Republicans on TV viewing and the Dems on everything else.
Chirple Chirple
I mostly watch ones on the Republican list.

Honestly, I wouldn't have such a problem with the party if it wasn't for the theological aspect and deep issues with human rights.

It's weird, though, the people I know who watch the shows I do aren't Republican, either. *shrug*
Errant Venture Errant Venture
Those findings don't fit me at all. For example, I hate 30 Rock, but love Glee, and I also love The Mentalist, NCIS, Mythbusters and Castle, yet I am more inclined to be a Democrat.
El-Jaro El-Jaro
Yeah, my choices fit some of theirs, some don't. Of course, I only watch a couple different shows.
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