If you could plop yourself into any movie, TV show or book, what would it be?

If you could plop yourself into any movie, TV show or book, what would it be?

PumpkinPasty PumpkinPasty
For me, I could go on for days. Maybe Firefly. Potentially Harry Potter. Wouldn't mind hanging out with the Big Bang Theory crew.
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Roz W Roz W
Dr. Who, but I'd probably get incinerated by aliens or something.
Zombirella Zombirella
Harry Potter and of course I'd be a witch How cool would that be?! I love those books and movies. I'm a major zombie fan though so The Walking Dead or Zombieland would be awesome so I could kick some undead butt! Hard choice but Harry Potter over the zombies, the whole apocalypse, hardly anyone is left thing could get depressing quick.
Ansley Ansley
Shows? Either How I Met Your Mother or Fraiser.

Movies is a little harder though, because in my favorites there's either a lot of death or a lot of melodrama going on and that's not really all that ideal. Hmmm...I guess I wouldn't mind being dropped in the middle of An Everlasting Piece or The Princess Bride.
Chilipepper Chilipepper
My answer hasn't changed when it was asked in another thread.

The Addams Family.
P'Gell P'Gell
I would love to hang out with the people in Big Bang Theory.

Sadly, my life seems more like the family in The Middle.

I love Modern Family, but they have too much money to be interested in hanging around with people like My Man and I. This week's episode, when all 3 women in Phil's family had their periods at the same time and he called it "Satan's Trifecta" was hilarious and reminds me of when my husband hides in his workshop (which is in the garage) during PMS week. But, he nothing like Phil.

Portlandia would be a fun place to live. My kids tell me that the "Women and Women's First" bookstore remind them of the La Leche League meetings we used to go to for years.

It would be interesting to see how House responds to a Lactation Consultant, but the nurses on House never get any attention.

Shows I would not fit in at all: How I Met Your Mother (too young and too "urban hipter" for us, same with Happy Endings.

AAAAAAAND I realize I watch entirely too much television in the evening.
Rin (aka Nire) Rin (aka Nire)
Transformers. Dear god, LET ME HANG OUT WITH GIANT ROBOTS! Having a giant metal friend would be so amazingly cool!
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