authorzero authorzero
I'm trying to expand my podcast list. I've got a few favorites; mostly comedy podcasts. Just curious what your favorite podcasts are.


Cort and Fatboy (movie, video game, and all-around nerdy comedy podcast).

Funemployment Radio (two former radio people who decided to start a podcast. It's pretty much about nothing but it's amusing).

Legion of News/Rick Emerson Show (two podcasts in one. One focuses on news, the other is more random/pop culture stuff. It's hilarious).
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Errant Venture Errant Venture
I restrict my podcast listening to Star Wars related ones: EUCast, EUReview, We Talk Clones (on which I've made an appearance or two) at solosound.net, Star Wars Report and Wampa's Lair at starwarsreport.com, Star Wars Book Report at starwarsbookreport.com and Sarlacc Pit Podcast at galacticbinder.com.
SilverIsis SilverIsis
My podcast listening is all over the map, though generally they fall into either crafting, travel, or analog gaming. There are too many to list but if someone has interest in one of those areas I would be happy to make suggestions.
Errant Venture Errant Venture
Radiolab is pretty good.
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