Supernatural: Moving Into Season Nine

Contributor: KimberlyFDR KimberlyFDR
This is for viewers who are up to date on the seasons of SPN. What do you think will happen as we move into Season Nine?

Will the effect of the trials on Sam's health linger or will he have the miracle summer cure and be all better by October?

Is Crowley still all-demon?

What will become of Human!Cas?

Is Dean going to get to kick some monster butt anytime soon?

All these questions and more linger in my mind
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Contributor: eri86 eri86
I don't watch supernatural. It has never appealed to me.
Contributor: sunflower sunflower
Originally posted by eri86
I don't watch supernatural. It has never appealed to me.
Thanks for the post then!

Ugh I am not all caught up yet but you didn't spoil anything for me so it's ok. I am really excited to see human Cas because I knew that was going to be coming and idk I want to see how he adjusts to human life. I hope they show some of the every day stuff he has to adjust to. Cas is my favorite. I am just really glad they didn't kill him off again. I hated what they did in season 7 with the "wacky crazy Cas who says random facts", the way they tried to write him felt so forced. I really wish we could have more Benny because I loved him! I really hope there is no miracle summer cure and that they progress deeper... I'll have to get back to this thread when I catch up with it all!
Contributor: KimberlyFDR KimberlyFDR
With the minor spoilers coming out of Comic-Con, I'm both intrigued and wondering what will become of a few mentioned characters. Aside from any character arc, the thing I want most in Season 9 is for more exploration of the Bat Cave. There are so many potentially hidden rooms full of treasure for Sam and Dean to find. I'm sure they could have some fun (and get into trouble) just sticking around home for an episode