The Official Mad Men Thread

The Official Mad Men Thread

P'Gell P'Gell
Alright, who is a Mad Men fan? IMO, it's probably the best written, best acted and best filmed show on TV. (That just my opinion, though.) The character development is even and realistic, the dialogue is believable although some of the plot twists are a bit unusual (It's TV, it has to be "drama" filled.)

My main issue with the show is the percentage of divorces. Divorce was very uncommon in the early 1960s, and I'm willing to bet finding a place of employment with the percentage of divorced people as high as Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Price would be impossible in this time era. I still love the show, most of the characters and the way it is filmed. The attention to detail is amazing. Did you know that all the fruit shown on screen, even if it's just for a second is a certain amount smaller than the average size of fruit in our time? In the late 50s and 60s, fruit was actually smaller, as different varieties and farming methods were used than in our time. Virtually every other detail in the show is given as much attention.

If you watch this show, who is your favorite character?

Does anyone hate Megan Draper (Don's second wife) as much as I do? Damn, I hate her. She one of the few characters on the show who actually doesn't have any character development.... or even any personality of her own. I think the new "I want to go back to acting" thing of hers is simply a ploy to attempt to give a two dimensional character some interest. Am I off base here?

Who do you think will leave first, Don or Megan? What will Roger do now? My guess is go back to Joanie as she is conveniently single now, but what about her baby? He seemed to disappear off the face of the Earth. Very uncommon behavior, even for a War Wife, even a divorced one, in 1966. These women usually were able to get enough alimony and child support to stay home. Of course, we'll see less of Joanie if she isn't working at SCDP.

Any comments? Questions? What direction do you think the plots and show will go into next?

Is Peter as big of a dick head as I have always thought?

Will Peggy find love? And what the hell is stopping her and causing her to sabotage her own happiness?

What makes Don so intriguing, despite his sordid past and seeming lack of empathy for nearly anyone outside of Sally (his daughter) and.... Megan?

What things about the show draw you in the most? What things do you think are anachronisms? (like the high divorce rate from my opinion.)
Damn, I can't get enough of this show. My MIL and I discuss it every week, especially since I finally got her to figure out how to use her On Demand so she can watch if she misses and episode. (I think one of the reasons she likes it so much is because it's the time frame when she was raising children herself.)

Any comments or discussions would be fun.
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Kissy Kissy
I do love the show, although I felt this new season started out a little slow. It is also hard to get back into after sooooooo long. I am going to admit, I am not as excited as i used to be about it.
mmmmm mmmmm
it seems to be a good show
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