TV these days

TV these days

Cowgirl-Cutie Cowgirl-Cutie
I don't know what it is but I tend to miss the way that TV used to be. It just seems in the past few years that everything has moved into "reality" shows and all that jazz. I don't think shows today are as good as they could be at times.

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Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
We're going a TV diet. Cutting our cable to the minimum - channels 2-28. There isn't anything on those channels that I watch - but it's more or less free with high-speed internet service.
Yeah, I can do without cable. I'm just not into reality shows.
spiced spiced
It all started going to hell when MTV stopped showing music videos!

I think TV has always mostly sucked. It's just that the worst shows disappear (from view and memory) and the only ones we see from years ago now are the good ones.

There's a lot of quality TV now--and certainly a lot of absolute crap. I HATE almost all reality TV. But I love a lot of HBO and Showtime series and even some of the network shows (e.g. Modern Family) are outstanding.

I remember when it was just the three networks and PBS and I would NOT want to go back to that.
hjtee hjtee
You can always find re runs of non-reality shows.

I love have no idea.
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