What do you love most about your E-reader?

What do you love most about your E-reader?

K101 K101
My partner had planned on getting me a Kindle Fire for Christmas and we've been looking into different ones and comparing between ipad and such and I decided on the Fire. He told me he'd have to get it after Christmas since they were out of stock, but tonight he told me he had bought me a case for it so I would have something to open on Christmas. Then he said he simply could not wait to give me this case and wanted me to open it.

He brought it to me in the car and the older man neighbor came out with his camera. Lol. I thought Hmm.. this sure is a big box for a Kindle case? And I opened it and sure enough! That sneaky heifer had already got me a Kindle and couldn't wait to give it to me! Lol. I had no idea and apparently the kids and my mom had ran all over the other night to get it without me noticing! I thought it was super sweet.

I guess I couldn't resist sharing my special news...lol

So tell me, what do you love most about your E-reader (whichever one you may own) If you don't own one feel free to share anything you want! Which would you pick and why?

I wish I could say what I love most about mine, but it is still charging! I do love the feel of it and the size so far though!
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Envy Envy
I have the 3rd gen kindle, the small one, just wifi. love it, it's small, easy on the eyes, and best of all, i have 3rd party programs to put fanfiction on it.

My only qualm is how difficult it can be to load things that you don't get from amazon, and that a lot of my books I read are not in e-book form.
LadyEarlGrey LadyEarlGrey
I have a tablet and I believe it's by Pandigital. It may be called a Novel but I can't remember. I love it! I've read a lot of poor reviews about it online. At first I couldn't get on the internet with it but once I figured it out I haven't had a problem since. I can get books off of B & N which is great and easy. My favorite thing has to be that when I'm reading a series I don't have to wait to go out to the store to get the next book. I can just click and I have it!
Vanille Vanille
My Mum has the Fire and she LOVES IT.

I have her old Kindle 3G. The thing lasts for 2 months on a single charge with wireless off? Love.
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