why we broke up by daniel handler

why we broke up by daniel handler

bubblegum bubblegum
has anyone read this? i just finished it, and i loved it! alternatively, tell us why you broke up!
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Jul!a Jul!a
I broke up with my exes for various reasons. The last one was because he was really trying to change who I was as a person, whether he realized it or not, and I was tired of always feeling anxious and dreading going to see him. The one before that, we both started to change and grow in directions that didn't really involve the other. The one before that, he told me he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and it freaked me out because I was like, 14. (Maybe somewhat) ironically, we got married a year ago
Ansley Ansley
I broke up with my very first boyfriend because a bigger, better deal came along and I was fifteen and didn't really concern myself with other's feelings. He was also just a tiny bit psycho and was really going off the deep end at the time.

I broke up with my second boyfriend because he couldn't get his shit together and I was struggling and we just weren't meshing very well. We eventually got back together and though we've had our ups and downs, it's by far the best relationship I've ever had.

There were a couple of casual relationships in there throughout the years but they all ended because no one measured up to the person I knew I truly loved.
P'Gell P'Gell
I broke up with my first love, whom I started seeing when I was about 15 because I found out he was a little too fond of drugs, (not just a joint on the weekends, Angel Dust, Coke and tons of scary stuff nearly daily) and I found out he was a High School drop out and he didn't have a job and refused to get one.

I made a vow with myself, no boys who weren't employed, and/or in school and headed toward college or have been through college. I kept it.
El-Jaro El-Jaro
I haven't read it.

I broke up with my first girlfriend after almost 2 years because I realized I was too young to settle down. Which is why I wasn't too shocked when this last relationship ended how it did.
SomewhatSomewhere SomewhatSomewhere
Is this the same guy that authored "A series of unfortunate Events"? If so, this book is probably amazing. That man's one of a kind when it comes to writing.
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