Why you hate My Little Pony

Why you hate My Little Pony

Falsepast Falsepast
a lot of people seem to simply hate it because its popular among stupid high school kids who want to look cool and weird, but it's honestly a good show.

so for you guys who have another excuse than the one mentioned above to hate MLP, please tell me.
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Rin (aka Nire) Rin (aka Nire)
I once actually got in a debate with someone telling him that while it's fine if he doesn't like the show, hating a group of people just because they liked it wasn't exactly cool. His reasons for hating the fans:

1) It's a show for little girls (and he kept repeating this and ignoring me when I explained what a periphery demographic was) and thusly fans were either immature or were only watching it to be cool.
2) All the bronies he knew in real life were annoying racists, and he was convinced that the rest of us were, too.

Yeah, I really shouldn't have bothered. There's no arguing with troll logic.
hillys hillys
My roomate is really into it, and she's in college.
Zombirella Zombirella
Wait...what?! I'm missing something. I wasn't aware of this lol. I just know they have shirts and what not at stores like Hot Topic...and I would actually wear one just because it's cute.

I'll admit to watching Spongebob at times in the morning or if it is on in the evening and I can't find anything else. I don't have any kids or anything....I just like it haha.
Voir Voir
I hate it because I can... and it's just really not my thing... and because annoying people on forums I visit abuse little images from My Little Pony with statements that they felt were better expressed in an image than just typing them out... and I kinda got sick of looking at a friend of FB making a status about it EVERY FUCKING DAY.

So yeah I might've given it a shot... if I didn't have to read so much about it and see it everywhere to the point of being sick of it without having ever watched it. Same for Hello Kitty... I have a friend who decks himself out in Hello Kitty, and that was all fine and good... and then I started seeing it EVERYWHERE in HS, in stores, on the internet... and yet again got sick of that.

It's pretty much what MLP is... just another phase like Hello Kitty was, who knows what it'll be next? Heh ;0 in the end I just don't buy into all the goofy stuff... as they say, rainbows and unicorns... just not my thing. xD

Nothing against the people I'm just tired of seeing it posted up everywhere e_e
spunkmonkey spunkmonkey
I have never seen it before.
Gone (LD29) Gone (LD29)
I actually kind of like it, thanks to my 3 year old son. Pinkie Pie cracks me up.
duff duff
Theyre kinda cute
I used to not like it because I just didn't find it that funny and it annoyed me that I just couldn't get what everyone else loved so much. I've grown to like it though. The first few episodes were just not their best!
kittychilla kittychilla
i enjoy mlp a lot. they're adorable, i love the songs. all that. i do agree sometimes bronies like to post it everywhere they can though. it seems they've calmed down a bit though.

although the other night people were drawing pinkie pie on a paintchat and i joined in..xD
Falsepast Falsepast
Originally posted by Gone (LD29)
I actually kind of like it, thanks to my 3 year old son. Pinkie Pie cracks me up.
Agreed. Pinkie pie is awesome.
Ghost Ghost
I don't hate it or like it.
TransMarc TransMarc
Watched some seasons FiM, couldn't get into it. I probably wouldn't have tried to look at it more than two minutes when I was little because the cuteness would have been "too much" for me back then, now I admit it's kind of cute in an over-the-top way. Maybe it's just that the cuteness of the show as a whole is too easy and obvious? I like the art, both official and fanarts, though.
Then I've read this: link and saw the episode and it was, well, sad.
I couldn't decide on a favorite pony, so I'd say Rarity by default if we're going into it because I can identify the most with her.
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