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Marhel Marhel
When out of stock items get back in stock?
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EF Expert EF Expert
Originally posted by Marhel
When out of stock items get back in stock?
Generally out of stock items are restocked within 1-2 weeks. You can leave an email on the product page to be notified when OOS products return back in stock.
Oggins Oggins
It seems to me that out of stock items get replenished fairly quickly. So far I haven't requested an email notification for an out of stock item that took a full two weeks. Maybe a week at the most so far for me.
Bulma Bulma
I have a question about out of stock products also. Why can't I add an out of stock product to my wish list?

It has been really annoying for me. I like to go through products that I'm interested in to add to my wish list that I plan on buying later. It really bugs me that if a product is offered in both pink and purple and I want pink I can't add it to my wish list if it's out of stock.

Does this bother anyone else? I love the wish list and filling it with all the things I want to buy so I don't have to go searching when I am actually planning on making a purchase.

Thanks a bunch, these forums have been really helpful.
Bulma Bulma
Ok, I guess I'm blind. I can actually add out of stock items if I'm on the main page where the toy is listed with the other toys in its category, I just can't do it from the specific product page.

Just thought I'd post this in case someone else didn't see it and was frustrated like I was.
fletchy fletchy
I will alter the idea a little bit: Why can not you put "out of stock" item in your cart? Like back-order it. That would be handsome feature. You just order the stuff, pay for it and then EF has more motivation to re-order the item. Just my little bit to the discussion.
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