Recommending Eden

Recommending Eden

Cock Wrangler Cock Wrangler
If you're so inclined to follow up on that email, here's what Cory wrote to one reviewer about good info to share:

Name of the store:

Physical Locations and/or URL:

What did you like most about the store?

What are 3 or 4 words you'd use to describe the store feel or environment?

Name any stand out products or types of products you remember:

In a few words how would you describe the customer service?

Any other comments for fellow shoppers?
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Oggins Oggins
I also recommended eden and also recieved the above questions. I answered them and sent them back but, haven't heard anything else. I'm kind of interested in how many people have recommended eden now, just to see how many it takes before eden's added to the list!
Bulma Bulma
I got the same message, only I haven't sent in my answers yet. Hopefully a lot of people recommended Eden, I think it should be listed as this has became my webstore of choice, and I think a lot of other people would enjoy this site as well.
Jimbo Jones Jimbo Jones
I recommended EdenFantasys as well, and I already had that list, so I tried to frame my recommendation in a way that it was easy to see how I was answering those questions, so I didn't get a response e-mail. If my understanding is correct, and that many people have recommended Eden, then they should be adding it somewhere soon, I hope.
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