What is the BEST "free" or "bonus" toy you ever got???

What is the BEST "free" or "bonus" toy you ever got???

Bignuf Bignuf
All these toy sites, including EF (which is where we shop almost exclusively now) include "FREE" toys. What is the BEST free toy you ever got from ANY site????

That does not mean toys paid for with "points" you got free...we mean the FREEBIE toys they include in your package????

I once got a SILICONE SLEEVE masterbator as a total "freebie", and my wife used it on me to do a "hand job, oral combo" (she sucks on the head and uses the sleeve...with flavored lube) on the shaft. Anyway, that had to be about five or more years ago, and we still use that wonderful, simple sleeve about once a month or more. It just feels PERFECT to me and to her hand. A WIN/WIN.

How about YOU? Ever get a "REAL WINNER" as a freebie????
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El-Jaro El-Jaro
I think my fav/best freebie are the EdenWipes. Sometimes toys are just too unwieldy to wash in a sink.
TheSlyFox TheSlyFox
Hmm. I'm really liking my Eden shirt...
K101 K101
Shellz31 Shellz31
The Eden t-shirt and the Eden wipes have been the absolute best for me.
Beck Beck
Eden shirt or the Sweet treat bullet.
js250 js250
I like the Eden wipes!!!
Antipova Antipova
To be totally honest, I love the heck out of the wipes!

The only non-EF site I ever shopped at (and I only shopped there once, back when I was freshly 18) sent one of those packs of anal beads with the knots in the strings and seams all along the plastic beads. I chucked them.

I usually don't grab EF's toy freebies either, because I know I like the things I already have better than I'd like them. But the wipes? Dang, they're useful! I've got a pack in my car, in my backpack, one by the bed... they're awesome.
Sinfully Sinfully
I agree on the eden wipes. Also love the Eden Shirt, I use it as a sleep shirt
bayosgirl bayosgirl
I love my Eden T-shirt. So soft and comfy.
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