#TrueorFalse 10.0

#TrueorFalse 10.0

Stellar Stellar
I hope you are having a good day, my fellow contributors!

Since it's blooming spring time, and the nature is awakening from the winter sleep, I suggest we take the same direction, and talk about our... ahem.. seasonal experiences

It is now open for discussion, do you think THIS to be true, false or plausible?

Our libido becomes more active in spring.

So, apparently, it is common belief that every living thing becomes more sexually active when the last snow fades and the sun starts warming us up. Cats are going crazy, birds are going crazy, but the question is - do people go crazy?

I'm not sure how to approach this one, personally, simply because I have never noticed any correlation with the time of the year and my sexual activity, except maybe when it's way too cold or way too hot to move. However, I must admit that warmth, which comes with spring time, does awake some additional activity in myself - we practice some outdoor fun from time to time, so the end of spring, summer and the beginning of fall is really a more sexually active time for me, just because the frequency of sexual play increases.

What would be your verdict?
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OH&W, Lovebears , Inquisitor , Andykh , Brandiewhy , RockDoc , Moominz , surreptitious , sXeVegan90 , C&K0143 , Herzer , Ms.Terious , unfulfilled , OneofakindBeauty , RonLee , Devz , wicked48 , Jmo2280 , 20yearstogether
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OH&W, Lovebears OH&W, Lovebears
We don't notice any increased activity from Winter to Spring. During the Winter we cuddle up with the fireplace.

I will pay attention although this Spring.

In the Summer, for sure. More outdoor activities, especially swimming and biking together. The less and more colorful apparel adds to it.
Inquisitor Inquisitor
I also haven't noticed any difference in the frequency of sex during the warmer months although it does make sense if things do pick up during the Spring and Summer seasons. People want to be outside doing things and possibly each other, at least I know I do.

In the winter, it's fun to "warm up" the partner under the warm sheets and see where it leads...
Brandiewhy Brandiewhy
Its totally plausible. I think its the warmth, new life, and fresh beginnings after the long cold winter that make people a little friskier than usual. I personally enjoy winter sex more...gives you more of an opportunity to warm yourself and your partner up under those blankets
Moominz Moominz
I can't say yes or no to this... I know some people get depressed in the winter & if I'm not mistaken depression effects sex drive for some people so it is possible for spring to cause some people to get sprung so to speak lol
Stellar Stellar
Thank you, my dears, for all of your entries! Actually, they convinced me to vote True, although the whole result of our little investigation would be Plausible - I just wanted to give a tone of sureness to our conversation. After all, we should be definitely more active and friskier with spring coming - no doubts for that matter

I think we are ready to engage in our next exciting discussion here!
And, by the way, I wanted to ask you something - when you feel the next TrueorFalse discussion is coming to its logical end, feel free to propose other topics we could discuss - I bet it would be really interesting for all of us
unfulfilled unfulfilled
I vote plausible, just not for me. Spring means allergy season, and I'm less likely to be frisky because I feel bad versus the other months.
Jmo2280 Jmo2280
Plausible, warm weather, less clothes, more skin...
Lvstoplay Lvstoplay
Maybe it's just me, but my libido is high year round. I hate the heat so I tend to stay inside with the air conditioner on, and I keep my house cool all winter too.
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