What is the best way to make you believe you're gonna die? Google your symptoms!

What is the best way to make you believe you're gonna die? Google your symptoms!

DreamWolf DreamWolf
Or the saying is something like that, as I vaguely recall... ^^

I reeeeeeeeeeeeeally avoid going to the doctor as long as I believe I can figure out by myself what may be the problem when something is going on - minor things, nothing terrible...

So sometimes I just go and look up what may be the situation, and hoooooooooooooly cows, such found infos have scared me a few times, until I got used to it that mostly you find such results over the "hey, that is just natural" kind of answers... ^^

Any funny stories you wanna share? Opinions, suggestions to share with the others?
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Errant Venture Errant Venture
I have a funny story: unless you've been to medical school, passed the exams, you're not a doctor. Don't diagnose yourself.
Just-SJ Just-SJ
Oh! There was this one time, that someone I knew, like totally googled her symptoms so she didn't have to go see a Dr, 'cause I mean, what do they know really? Anyways, she was googling away, and lots of these sites were all like, 'ZOMG! You're gonna die!', right? But then she found a forum full of fellow illness symptom googler peoples, and it turns out it was just a normal thing! How hilarious is that? Except then she got reeeeaaaallllllyyyyyy sick.

People who google their own symptoms are idiotic and dangerous, to themselves and others. Most people are completely ignorant of how to use the Internet as an effective search tool to locate accurate and authoritative information, and most people have no idea what all of their symptoms really are. And then *those* people give other people advice, because the sharing of stupidness is cool.

But OMG! It's so funny when the symptoms say you're gonna die, riiiiight?!
P'Gell P'Gell
I'm a nurse. One of the things HCPs hate are sites that give "diagnoses" when you punch in symptoms. I've had people who assume they have Hanta Virus (YES, there have been a whole SEVEN cases this summer! All in one place.) Every "syndrome" on the sites, myriad food "intolerance" with no symptoms other than "fatigue" (usually from women with 3 kids under 3 years old, it's pretty obvious why they are "fatigued") "parasites" that weren't there and more. Not to mention people with treatable, but serious conditions who waited too long, and by the time they got to a doctor, the condition was no longer treatable (including my husband's best friend, who "treated his own arthritis"... which turned out to be lung cancer, by the time he got to a doctor it had metastasized, and now he's gone, leaving a wife and child behind.)

If you are ill and your symptoms aren't self limiting (meaning they go away by themselves and are not severe) the best way to get a real diagnosis is to.... see someone educated and certified in Health and Medicine. You shouldn't be given an impossible to follow diet or massive lifestyle changes (reduce fat, sugar and increase fiber and fresh food and exercise; YES, eliminate 1000 different, healthy foods from your diet to "cleanse" the inside of your body; NO. If you eat well, your body is self cleansing.)

People learn medicine over many years, because so many conditions look and sound just like other conditions to the untrained. If it's bad enough to worry about, (meaning it isn't self limiting) then it's probably bad enough to get a real, educated opinion about it.

Most self limiting conditions will ride themselves out and usually don't need health care aside from some Tylenol or a hot bath. But, serious, painful worrying symptoms should be diagnosed and treated by people trained in such areas.

Using medical sites to "diagnose" and "treat" yourself is not only confusing, but can be very VERY scary. Some very major things have similar symptoms to very minor things... the best bet, IF you are worried and the symptoms are severe, violent or persistent is to see a qualified Health Care Professional, NOT try to diagnose and treat yourself. There's a reason doctors and nurses have LONG training periods, see thousands of people BEFORE they become certified and require ongoing training and education and NEED to be licensed, certified and continue their education. Health care IS that confusing and complicated.

JMO, Mileage and all that.
gsfanatic gsfanatic
The real problem is that you have to judge combination of symptoms, which can rely on things people don't always notice. For example, a headache can mean anything from a sinus infection to a brain tumor.
darthkitt3n darthkitt3n
I don't really look up symptoms for things. If I'm not feeling well I almost always call my mom first. The only time I look up information on diseases and disorders is when I've already had it and am experiencing the same exact thing again. I usually just try to find what over the counter medications would be best for my condition. I've never come up with results claiming I'm going to die or anything. Almost everything comes up with topics on forums by girls who think they are pregnant because they're tired or their period was 3 days late.
sktb0007 sktb0007
My partner always teases me because I always google symptoms too. Worst. Idea. Ever.

I found this funny picture that I thought fit well with this:

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Trysexual Trysexual
I'm self treating a sprained ankle now.
PeachCandy PeachCandy
I tend to self diagnose and treat myself at home but I've been through years of medical school so I'm comfortable doing so. If it is something serious, I'll go to the Dr or ER
satinlady550 satinlady550
Originally posted by Errant Venture
I have a funny story: unless you've been to medical school, passed the exams, you're not a doctor. Don't diagnose yourself.
Agreed and sometimes the physicans have to get someone else to help them diagnose your problems. So it is never a good idea to look up symptoms because if you don't have the right test and lab work done. You will never know exactly what is going on and you're causing yourself so much stress that a doctor could have prevented...
Khanner Khanner
I saw the weirdest advice when I was trying to diagnose what bugs bit me this summer. Turned out to be chigger bites and the internet wanted me to believe I should bathe in alcohol, tent my house, throw away my mattress and carpet, and burn the bites with cigarettes.

But in reality, they just live in the grass and I needed to stop wearing sandals outside.
roskat roskat
I'm basically never sick but I just got to "enjoy" a stomach bug for couple of days. I was quite sure it was going to be a serious intestinal problem like colon cancer or something... I guess it wasn't. Shocker, right?
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