26 ads for products that must exist in video games

26 ads for products that must exist in video games

Jul!a Jul!a
Cracked's reason for this particular photoplasty was "The power-ups and weapons in video games pretty much sell themselves. But there are other, less heralded products that do the dirty work behind the scenes. You might not even see them, but they're there, filling the games with the idiosyncrasies we know and love."

I thought they were pretty funny. What about you guys? What else should be on this list?

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Taylor Taylor
I wish I could have a bag that held an infinite amount of stuff but would still be light enough to carry. My friends always make fun of how much stuff I like to tote around.
LilLostLenore LilLostLenore
lol love the last one loreal for cosplay. ^-^
GravyCakes GravyCakes
lol, those are funny
darthkitt3n darthkitt3n
I'd love an actual 36 slot bag. I'd probably fill it with 36 different swords and lug it around.
Peggi Peggi
I really want the slot bag too!

And the torch. I'd keep it on my wall for all eternity, and it would make lighting my masses of candles so much easier. I'd never have to find my lighter again!

My boyfriend and I recently had a discussion about cloned-guards, by the way He's more of a gamer than I, so I was teasing about how the guard and alllllll his twins were really sucking at their jobs lol he said maybe they're just clones but the first guy wasn't too smart
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