3D Sex Villa

3D Sex Villa

Viktor Vysheslav Malkin Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
I found this game a long time ago, it is a full 3D sex game.

gaming.wikia.com/wiki/ 3D_Sexvilla

Here is a description I lifted from a spanish (and translated to english) website:

"Well first of all I must say the game is only for people with criterion formed (over 18).
The game is intended only for educational purposes to guide the pair to perform, movements and sex acts correctly.
At present there are many failures in marriage because the man or woman can not satisfy your partner.
Well if you do not want to go through this 3D SexVilla game, you can help.
With this game you will learn the right way: perform oral sex without hurting your partner, sexual positions and how to penetrate your partner to achieve the greatest possible pleasure or ecstasy, the game has 60 different positions, most sex toys, and many others such as costume changes, underwear, etc..
The game is to bring your partner to orgasm. Additionally the game boasts superb quality 3D graphics, speaking of requirements sufficient to a card with 32 MB 3D accelerated 100 MB of hard disk space and can be a single processor 1.8 ghz pentium is only autocrackeado installed and ready for more info on how to activate read the file "instructions".

I have played an old version before and it was alright, it was kind of cool being able to switch to the "first Person" camera, but the guys chest seemed to block some of the view. You can also try the female First Person cam. It was interesting.

The game is subscription only, and they have a demo, but that is a pain. I would rather spend like $50 for life on it than $50 for 6 months.

There are ways...There are modified versions out there. I cant tell you how to get them, it would probably be against forum (EF) rules. I do not want to get into trouble and I do not want to get the forum into trouble either.
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Kayla Kayla
It looks okay. I've heard a lot of things about the "3D kink.com" game as well.
athenaa athenaa
I have the game, and while it does give you many ideas about positioning, toys to consider and whatnot. I don't recommend any one trying to learn the levels of coitus. In my humble opinion the CGI is still too robotic. I would suggest looking at any of the Nina Hartley instructional guides. Very hands on and intuitive.
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