5 amazing abandoned wastelands... within walking distance

5 amazing abandoned wastelands... within walking distance

Jul!a Jul!a
Cracked never fails to give me something new to learn about, and this is no different. There are plenty of random abandoned things out there, but they're normally like, way off in oblivion or some such. But these places aren't out in the middle of nowhere; they're practically in your backyard! Well, if your backyard happens to be in Beijing or Baltimore of Brooklyn maybe.

Either way, these were pretty cool to read about, and I hope you enjoy reading about them too! Anybody know of any cool abandoned places that the public can access?
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married with children married with children
there are acouple of sites like that one with some cool ruins to see.



Jul!a Jul!a
Those are actually super cool, thank you so much for sharing them.
Starkiller87 Starkiller87
Thanks!!! I love cracked. But also I live within walking distance of the LA zoo. I never knew the old one was still there. Now I have something to look for this weekend. I have a year pass so I'm there almost every weekend.
Lucky21 Lucky21
None of these are within walking distance for me, but I'm totally remembering this next time I visit these places.
Research Research
That's awesome, exploring old abandoned places like that is one of my favorite hobbies. Usually though I have to drive for hours to find them. I shot a video of my visit to an old quicksilver (mercury) mine in the California hills a while back. Take a look!

Youtube part 1

Youtube part 2

There are old mines all over the deserts of California, Nevada, and Arizona but I don't recommend going into them. Dangerous gases collect in the shafts and you won't know it till it's too late. I was lucky to run into the old man at the Idria mine, I went back and interviewed him a few months later because he was so interesting. You can see that one here:

Crazy old man interview
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