Ever go on a childhood nostalgia trip

Ever go on a childhood nostalgia trip

namelesschaos namelesschaos
So as the title says ever go on a childhood nostalgia trip?

Example: I need something to watch or listen to when I work out and over the last few mouth it been old kid shows on youtube. Strangely it is not always the episodes I’ve watched as I kid that I end up liking the most. Example: I’ve watch episode of power ranger on youtube and I like some of the newer stuff better than those I actually saw when I was a kid.

It actually quite fun: sometime you catch little bonus they slip in for older viewers. Also it is fun to snark at the stuff they you used to enjoy as a kid. Example: Since you can’t say “dead” on kid show I’m amused by the euphemisms they think up. Going back to the Power ranger Power RPM had a high body count for a kid show resulting in a death euphemism conga line: “is down” “didn’t make it” “ghosted” “destroyed” “we lost them” “they didn’t make it” “Deleted” ( not as bad as it sounds the main villain is a rouge Skynet-like A.I. Which of course means the writers also had to find a family friendly euphemism for “robot driven nuclear holocaust that wiped out over 90% of human life on Earth” ). However, the king of bad death euphemism is a Japanese cartoon that used “sent to another dimension” (worst death euphemism ever)

So any nostalgia trips you want to share?
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Dusk Dusk
I recently got the first full season (uncut) of Sailor Moon for Christmas. That has been an amazing nostalgia trip!
sexygoddess sexygoddess
Omg. Sailor Moon. I was ADDICTED to that show when I was younger. lol Still freaking love that show hahaha.
tickle me pink tickle me pink
I love childhood nostalgia trips! Lately I've been buying a lot of Disney movies that I used to watch as a kid. For some reason in the past year or so I've been having tons of nostalgia trips playing old video games or watching episodes of old TV shows, or just doing anything that reminds me of my more innocent days.
Chilipepper Chilipepper
Trips? I live there. Disney movies, the entire series of the Real Ghostbusters, original Holly Hobbie stuff, favorite childhood books, Winnie the Pooh, The Muppet Show series ... Yeah, nostalgia nerd here and proud of it.
Tuesday Tuesday
I thought you meant actual trips. Whenever I'm in the area I stop by the house I grew up in and photograph it. I keep hoping that as I do this the current owners will ask me why, then invite me it. Its clearly been remodeled and I'm so curious about what it looks like inside. It feels too intrusive to just knock on their door and ask to look around.

I don't watch old shows but I do happen to still have my Barbie dolls. I figure the longer I keep them the more they'll be worth some day. Its fun to bring that out once in a while and revel in her impressive wardrobe.
MaryExy MaryExy
I bring movies I watched as a kid to babysitting all the time over the summer. Last summer I ended up making the older kid cinnamon toast like I always had when I was little .

Actual trip-wise, a few years ago my mom and I stopped at a farm/cabin-area we used to visit when we were little. The horses my sis and I rode were still there, the donkey was still up and about, and one of the goats that had been a kid when we last visited was HUGE, with giant horns and everything. The other one had apparently died of cancer a while back. But still, it was a nice little reminder of my childhood.
alliegator alliegator
I love watching cartoons and movies I remember from being little. They give me warm fuzzies. As for trips, visiting Disneyland with my baby cousins was fun to see it from an adult perspective. Being a SoCal girl, when I was little I felt that parts of Disneyland were more "mine" because I was local, not a "tourist"
hjtee hjtee
Oh my goodness. I have them all the time.
I really like looking for this one show. It was called KaBLAM. It's nearly impossible to find.
nicole07 nicole07
Me and my daughter watch rugrats and I love it!
PiratePrincess PiratePrincess
We watch kids movies and old shows all the time. It comes up quite a lot in conversation as well.
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