All those with aquariums... which kind of fish do you like Best?

All those with aquariums... which kind of fish do you like Best?

Bignuf Bignuf
We have a tank of colorful GLOFISH. Very candy like. Under UV they GLOW.

Everyone is amazed at their red, yellow and bright green color.

SO...what is YOUR favorite aquarium fish?
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Undead Undead
Only have a small one. I like oscars best.
*Camoprincess* *Camoprincess*
I want to get the Neon Tetras
I like the Black Moores
StarFire StarFire
Hard to choose but right now I have rainbows and there awesome!! Love all the different colors they come in!
Raigne Raigne
Out of all the fish I have had, black moores, guppies, siamese fighting fish and corydoras are my favorites.
VelvetDragon VelvetDragon
I am a fish freak. I have multiple aquariums, keep adding more, my sister works at a fish store (which I got her hooked on), and I am a moderator on a very popular fish forum on the 'net (and probably the only one with an adult/naughty section hahahahaha).

I have so many favorite fish but I tend to love the ones with a lot of personality, and the smart ones that can learn tricks (yes, fish can learn tricks) -- large freshwater eels, goldfish, puffers, bettas/Siamese fighting fish, oscars, etc.

But I also love cool water/subtropical fish like danios (like your glofish!), white cloud mountain minnows, and so on.

I also love bottom feeders of so many types, like corydoras, otos, plecos, and various other catfish.

I adopt a lot of my fish, such as deformed fish that need good homes. I have a severely deformed Corydoras weitzmani and a crowntail betta who was born with no caudal fin. So I guess you could say one of my favorite kinds of fish are the special needs ones. XD
Beck Beck
I have many fish, but I don't have one of my favorites yet. I want a large salt water tank with a Lion Fish. They are beautiful, but expensive. Once we get settled into our own house we OWN then I will get my salt water tank. And my Lion fish.
Starkiller87 Starkiller87
Originally posted by *Camoprincess*
I want to get the Neon Tetras
I like the Black Moores
I love tetras!

I also love mollies. Im a big fish tank fan, wish I could have one in my apt. At least I get to see fish when I go home to visit my Dad.
mpfm mpfm
I like clown fish, manderin, and blenny fish in salt tanks. Starfish are also fun.
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