An Ode to Glass

An Ode to Glass

Badass Badass
A silly little poem I thought you guys and gals could appreciate.

Oh glass dildos, oh how i love you
You are so smooth and get so cold.. or so very hot
Only you can cheer me in this way when i am feeling blue
Oh how i love you, how could i not?

Oh glass dildos, oh how i love thee
You, the easiest of materials to clean
You, safe in you valor bag, will stay so clean
You who can bring me to the highest heights of glee

Oh glass dildos, oh how i love you!
If i could i would keep one of your kind in each room
So that where ever i go in my home, im still so close to you
Oh i love you glass dildos! especially the ones that go vroom!!

Oh me, oh my, how i love each and every glass dildo
You who couldn't possibly bring home any disease to me
Only you can make my heart pitter patter so!
Oh how i love you glass dildos!
But i think you too are quite fond of me.

Thanks for reading, lol. Tell me if you got a chuckle...
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Badass Badass
I'm glad someone read and enjoyed...
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