Contributor: LoveX LoveX
Do you do it? For the women in here (because I THINK there are a few men lol), how did you work up to it?
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Contributor: joolie joolie
No.just no.
Contributor: Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
My wife has recently become quite the anal-queen. This comes after 23+ years of saying no - but that's another story.

I do two things to get her ready. 1st I make sure she has 1-2 good blended orgasms combining vaginal and clitoral stimulation. When we're ready to move on to anal, I apply plenty of lube - then slowly insert a finger allowing her to adjust She's experienced enough now that it doesn't take long - but as a beginner the pause is important. Once she is comfortable with my finger, I reapply more lube and work in the Tantus silicone B-Bomb. It's a modest 1.25" at the crest - then necks down for comfort.

Pausing again to allow her to adjust to the larger size - I massage her vulva. Then I will slowly work the B-Bomb out to the crest - then back in. This allows her anus to get use to the larger size.

When she says she's ready - we prop her hips up on the liberator wedge pillow - because she prefers missionary (as opposed to doggie or cowgirl). This allows her access to her clitoris either manually or with her Mystic Wand.

Just before penetration I apply a liberal dosage of silicone lube. It eases entry and never looses its slippery feel.

She's become adept at having an orgasm with our 'routine'.

Enjoy - it can be quite rewarding if you and your partner exercise a lot of patience (go slow).
Contributor: Nezzie13 Nezzie13
I'd had three horrible attempts before and decided that with my current partner, we would do things my way. For anal seduction (ha) I'll either let him use the Tantus Ripples on me, or have him watch me use them myself, but if I simply want to be prepared for him to slip in I wear my Tantus Ryder for an hour or two.
I love Tantus...and so does my butt.