Animal Allergies

Animal Allergies

HippieFeet HippieFeet
Are any of you allergic to any animals? What about your pets?

I have never really been allergic to animals before. But starting a few years ago, sometimes cats and dogs would make me get itchy spots on my arms or legs, or make the corner of my eyes get swollen. To this day, it only happens with some cats and dogs. I am not sure if it's maybe something they get into outside or what.

I also have been a hamster mommy for the last 3 and a half years. I had two robos, then I had a syrian. Now I have a winter white and another syrian. I never experienced any allergies from them until the syrian I have now. He is long haired and white. Sometimes after playing with him, my eyes are swollen and I'll get the red bumps. It's so weird that I'm only allergic to him. I have no idea why..
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Peggi Peggi
I have to get shots and take a pill for my allergies, since I own pets I am allergic to. If I don't, my face swells up, I get the watery eyes, stuffy nose, and if their fur touches me for too long I break out in an awful rash.

With the shots and pills, I still have some symptoms but not very severe. I still get sniffles and sneeze once in a while, and if I am around other people's pets I tend to sneeze more, but it is worth it

It does make sense though, it is typically the dander we are allergic to, and some animals have more of it, and I believe (though I never double checked my source on this one) that all animals have different "types" of dander, so you can be more allergic to one cat (for example) than another.
MrWishyWashy MrWishyWashy
I have been getting allergy shots for about 5 years now. The only animal I am known to be allergic to are cats.
Kissy Kissy
I get puffy, red and itchy eyes when I wake up with my dog on mine or hubbys pillow. I am not sure if this is because of the dog or not!
dontbackdown02 dontbackdown02
i've heard that new allergies can flair up every 7 years. i'm allergic to pet dander but mostly cat and dog but thats all i've been aware of to
Zombirella Zombirella
Yes, I'm allergic to animal dander . I think I need allergy shots again but I don't have insurance. They took me off of the shots as a pre-teen but told me I may need to do them later down the road and I think I do. I take the strongest allergy medication out there and still have to take benedryl some days. I was told by an allergist as a kid that we shouldn't have pets but I'm a HUGE animal lover so we do. On my bad days I just avoid petting them. I don't let them sleep near my pillow or near my upper body. I have to get the lint roller out to pick up their hairs if they rest on me for awhile.
I might get small bumps that itch on bad days on my arms but I just go wash with soap and water and put some cream on. I love animals too much to not have them in my life.
I have other allergies too which I think are worse, pollen, trees, grass, weeds, dust, poison ivy/sumac, dust mites. It sucks because I like doing outdoorsy things but have to avoid it when the allergens are high, like not going fishing near the woods .
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