Anyone else with a pathetically slow internet connection?

Anyone else with a pathetically slow internet connection?

spiced spiced
If our internet connection was a penis, it'd be like 2" long.

Seriously, it's usually barely over 1 Mb/s. When I lived in a small town in the South, it was three times as fast. So much for living in the 'burbs of "the greatest city in the world".

How's yours? You can check it here, btw, if you're not sure: link
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js250 js250
Mine is horribly slow--but better than dial up!! That is the only other affordable option....
Mine's not too bad but man I go crazy when I have to use a slow connection.
spiced spiced
Our connection's better than dial-up, but not as good as DSL should be, in my opinion and experience. I talked to Verizon about it (they own the local phone wires). They told me that the wires in our area are kinda ancient--and they have NO PLANS to upgrade to fiber optics. Seriously, I'm in the NYC metro and even their longest-range plans don't include us. Pisses me off.

Making it worse, I recently heard on NPR that we in the US pay the highest prices in the entire world for internet--and yet we have the SLOWEST service of all developed nations. Why? Because the telecom companies (Verizon, AT&T), through their lobbyists, got laws passed WHICH allow them to collect an extra fee from every subscriber each month, money which is SUPPOSED to go into improving their broadband infrastructure, for instance replacing old wires like ours with fiber optic cable. But there are no provisions in the law that actually REQUIRE them to make the improvements, or penalties if they don't. A POX ON ALL THEIR HOUSES. /rant

Really, I should (and usually am) grateful to have so many things so easy. And most of the time, it doesn't matter that my internet speed sucks. But watching streaming content is herky-jerky at best. That's why we still do Netfix by mail...
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