Anyone have Google+ ?

Anyone have Google+ ?

Chirple Chirple
I hope this is appropriate.

Anyone here have a Google+ ? I'd love to get some people from here in a circle if you're blogging / writing on it or whatever !

I don't do much on it myself except post stupid pet pictures, but I mostly have a lot of tech stuff in my feed and wouldn't mind some variety.
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El-Jaro El-Jaro
I've looked at G+ and it just doesn't fit me. I know the Social Media Team has been working with it.
Chirple Chirple
I think it works for me because I have a lot of "pods" of people to organise. Like, I have "circles" for each of the forums I go to, and it works really well for sorting out different interests.

And it's like Tumblr in some ways, but with more opportunity for interaction. Despite the reblogging, I feel like Tumblr does more to keep people apart than bring them together - though they're great for photo collections.

I was browsing the homepage and found out that EF is on G+ !

LINK yey !
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