Anything interesting happen to you while at the polls today?

Anything interesting happen to you while at the polls today?

K101 K101
I thought it'd be fun to hear you guys' stories -- if you had anything crazy happen while at the polls today, those of you who went? Something crazy happen to me!

I was the very last voter for my county! I wasn't able to get to the polls until like 5 minutes until they closed, but I was determined. Anyways, since it was only my lovie and I in there with the 5-6 people working the poll stuff, it was pretty quiet. My partner was sitting down in a chair filling out his name and address & I was standing above him, handing my info and ID to this lady -- I had my purse opened and hanging on my shoulder because I'd just fumbled through for my Id. And guess what happened?

My fucking Sqweel 2 vibrator started spinning like mad! OMG! Right there. So before I could even hand the lady my ID, I was shaking like crazy, and trying to turn off my dang Sqweel! AHHHHH! The one & only time I have ever left Sqweel's batteries in and this happens! Last night, my partner and I had a late night out because we spent the entire day planning to go have sex. LOL. So that's why Sqweel was in my purse -- right on top! It was so late when I got home last night after our doing the dirty that I did not bother removing the toy from my purse or taking out the batteries. And wtf?! LOL.

Humiliating, but funny now. Thankfully, nobody seemed to notice! I'm just thanking God that it was Sqweel and not a loud vibe! It sounded like a fan kicking on when it went off. LOL. And the inside of my purse lit up blue. I asked my partner when we left if he noticed, he said he was concentrating and didn't hear a thing, so probably nobody heard or recognized it as a toy. LOL.

So when I came home, I just had to share my incident and ask if anyone else had a funny/embarrassing or crazy thing happen while voting today? Hopefully I'm not the only weirdo! Lol.
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Mwar Mwar
My experience was surprisingly easy and pleasant. I woke up early in a mainly college aged district to vote. And there was only one person in line before me. The old man took my ID card and the old ladies crossed me off the list. I filled the ballot and that was it!

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