Are you working in a job/career, very different then what you had planned on doing?

Are you working in a job/career, very different then what you had planned on doing?

Bignuf Bignuf
Do you plan to "switch tracks" and return to the career of your dreams? Is it ever too old to pursue your dreams?
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Hummingbird Hummingbird
Never planned my career, just kind of grew into it but couldn't be aspire doing what I do
spunkmonkey spunkmonkey
I did not really have a dream job. I have the start of a good job going now.
gsfanatic gsfanatic
Career is what I expected, location is a few thousand miles away
spiced spiced
I work for myself, running my own small business and I like it OK. It's not what I'd hoped to be doing at my age when I was 18, but it's tolerable and pays the bills.

I had planned to go to grad school and become a professional, but I partied too hard as an undergrad and my grades weren't good enough for grad school.

So I wandered in the wilderness a few years, working a series of fairly crap jobs, until I stumbled into what I do now. About a year into my first job in this field, I saw the potential to get where I am now and I started working towards it. So, no real complaints!
Well, I'm certainly not doing what I wanted to be doing by this age, but something in my bones always said I would do it for a while. I want to go back to school.
Martiniman Martiniman
Totally...I never imagined 20 years ago I'd have done what I've done, nor that I'd now be a stay home father.
K101 K101
Originally posted by Bignuf
Do you plan to "switch tracks" and return to the career of your dreams? Is it ever too old to pursue your dreams?
I have a job and a career. The job is not something I always knew I'd do. The career? Yep! I knew for years I'd be a writer and I plan to continue until I make it my career for good, but will still want to work my job because it is still something I am passionate about.
js250 js250
I went to school to be a paralegal. I am a graphics designer and business owner.
Hazeleyes2012 Hazeleyes2012
I still don't know what I want to do when I grow up!
Living Doll Living Doll
Yes, completely different. I don't mind it at all, though.
never shy never shy
I always knew I would be in health care and I'm at my dream work place I always wanted to be at but I wanted to be a nurse right now I am a doctors tech/ assistant but I will be going back to school to be a nurse while at work I'm already a naughty nurse for my hubby
FieryRed FieryRed
Great topic! This is a big one for me right now, as I finally went "back" to school a couple of years ago (at age 35), starting at community college. Before this, I'd worked in restaurants, then retail, then in dental and vision insurance. Now, I'm about to have all my transfer requirements completed, and I've gone back and forth between wanting to be a family therapist, wanting to teach younger kids, wanting to be a pediatrician. I think I've finally found a good way to use a lot of my talents and interests, though, one that won't take six+ more years of school: as a health/sex educator.

I would say you're never too old to follow your career dreams! The only way age played into the decision, for me, was in the fact that I'm nearing the end of my child-bearing years, and have to plan whether I'm going to have a kid and, if so, how that will fit into my schooling and career.

If you aren't sure what your dream career is, I highly recommend a book by Barbara Sher called I Could Do Anything: If I Only Knew What It Was. I found it mentioned in an article about becoming a doctor, and got it on Amazon for a very low price.
Zombirella Zombirella
NOpe, way out in left field. But I'm happy and I feel this could lead to other opportunities. I can't say "bigger and better" because this is pretty great, but I would like to advance. I'll still apply for jobs in my field but the job market here sucks, especially for the corrections/criminal justice, they just did cutbacks and people were laid off so hope of hiring are low. I don't have the police academy either, because I chose to go for my bachelor. I don't have the money to fork out for the academy and the hours are nuts, no way could I work full time AND do it.
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