At home waxing advice, anyone?

At home waxing advice, anyone?

SMichelle SMichelle
Yes, I'm talking about waxing *down there*.

I've had a Brazilian wax done professionally once, and I really enjoyed the results. I can easily handle the pain -- the woman I went to kept remarking on how I barely even flinched throughout the waxing, only gasping twice when she did the top part -- but even that wasn't terribly painful. What I can't handle is paying $60 every month, as that just gets really expensive overtime.

I've tried several times to do it at home, but I'm having trouble finding something that works.

I've tried various little waxing strips that you just kind of rub on your hands and then stick on, and pull off. That hardly gets any of the hair, though.

I tried using Surgi wax, which I heard was supposed to be less painful. Trouble is, the Surgi wax WOULD NOT pull off, no matter how hard I pulled. I tried it three times, and each time was the same thing. From what I've read, a lot of other people have had this problem... I literally had to spend hours picking at the wax to get it off. Sure, it removed the hair when it did come off, but it took way too long, and it hurt so much more than waxing.

So, any at home waxing tips? What do you recommend?
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Taylor Taylor
Try going to a place like sally's beauty supply and getting a wax pot and hard wax. It will be a little more expensive up front, but it's better quality wax than in the drugstores and you will get a lot of use out of it. Also, put a small amount of oil on your skin before the wax so it only sticks the the hair and not your skin. They should sell a pre-wax product.

I tried giving myself a brazillian once, it was too painful. I have thick hair and a wuss for pain, so I couldn't do it. I do all of my facial waxing though and a wax pot has been a great thing to have. I learned how to wax from the esthetician where I work, but I'm sure you could find a how to online with good tips.
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