Bad school experiences and gender

Contributor: laflauta laflauta
Middle school and high school are tough. You're learning new things, you might be dealing with bullying, and your body is constantly changing.

In my experience, women have worse memories of middle school and men have worse memories of high school. I was wondering if there really is a correlation between gender and these experiences.

Please select your gender and school you disliked more.
Answers (private voting - your screen name will NOT appear in the results):
Cisgender woman, middle school was the worst
10  (56%)
Cisgender woman, high school was the worst
2  (11%)
Transgender woman, middle school was the worst
Transgender woman, high school was the worst
Cisgender man, middle school was the worst
Cisgender man, high school was the worst
Transgender man, middle school was the worst
1  (6%)
Transgender man, high school was the worst
Llama, I'll explain in the comments
5  (28%)
Total votes: 18
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Contributor: Living Doll Living Doll
High school was the worst for me by far.
Contributor: KrissyNovacaine KrissyNovacaine
All of school was rough, but elementary was probably the worst. I got better as time went on. In elementary school, my mother was still with my abusive step father who was a paranoid schizophrenic with out treatment.
Contributor: Real or memorex Real or memorex
High school was worse for me, a cisgendered woman, but probably because my residential high school was really authoritarian and made me paranoid and depressed. I didn't live at my middle school and this is probably why it didn't bother me so much.

Kids didn't tease me at either school. It was the adults who stressed me out.
Contributor: Nezzie13 Nezzie13
I'm a cisgender woman (I've never said/typed that before!) and it's strange, but it was actually grade school that was worst for me. I was always the new kid since we moved so much, and I was almost always the smartest kid in my class or grade, and at times even in the entire school. That may sound impressive, but part of that is the fact that I attended very low performing schools where the teachers had given up on us before we ever walked into the classroom.
I made teachers work, and some of the didn't like me because of it. The other kids didn't understand me, so I had to put up with some teasing at times that got out of hand because the adults I expected to stand up for me secretly resented me. It made me tougher, so it's okay.
My middle and high schools had programs for exceptional students, so it was like coming home. Puberty hit me hard one summer, so my physical changes were rapid fire and I got to settle into my new skin before going back to classes.
Contributor: Chilipepper Chilipepper
I hated the entire experience. I have huge blocks of amnesia during those times, but it still affects me to this day. I was smart and ugly - worst combo for a girl, EVER. Whenever someone says high school was the best years of their life, I have a sudden urge to kick them in the teeth.
Contributor: Kitka Kitka
Middle school and high school were both pretty bad experience-wise, I was bullied or picked on during both.
Contributor: melissa1973 melissa1973
I'm in the same boat as Dynamickitty, both High-school and Jr. high were horrible. Once I hit 16 and was old enough to get the hell out in the 10th grade, that's what I did. I was picked on in one way or another since the 5th grade, and to this day I would love to get every one of them in one of the schools and bring it down with them in it.
It's to the point my daughter wanted to join cheer leading, we had a talk and she instead joined marching band and tennis for the start of the school year.
Contributor: BrittaniMaree BrittaniMaree
I hated school since I had stated school so it was awful for me but I think it was because of the way I felt not others
Contributor: Septimus Septimus
Middle school sucked for me, but that has everything to do with the fact that I went to a shitty school with a bunch of shitty people, and nothing to do with my gender.

I was picked on a lot, and I really hated school.

Highschool was fabulous. I had the most amazing group of friends (most of whom I'm still close with all these years later), great teachers and a great atmosphere in general.
Yeah, I was still "picked on", but I didn't just roll over and take it anymore, I stood up for myself and was able to shrug things off more easily.

One time in HS a "popular" girl tried to bully me because I had cut her sister from a play I was directing (she never showed up to rehearsals). She threatened to boycott the play, and I told her to go ahead, it wasn't like I was getting paid or anything (we didn't even sell tickets, it was a free event). She got really upset and stormed off when it was clear that I wasn't bothered by her.

Good times.
Contributor: js250 js250
Grade school to the beginning of high school was the worst!! I got picked on for being small, tan, athletic, smart, etc. Then in high school I grew boobs---and filled out...then it was dealing with the plastic people and guys who only wanted a piece of ass. I came into my own when I was 17(on my own & out of school), and have not looked back!!!
Contributor: sXeVegan90 sXeVegan90
Every grade through schooling I hated. It was the worst.
Contributor: Pierced Blaqk Skies Pierced Blaqk Skies
Originally posted by laflauta
Middle school and high school are tough. You're learning new things, you might be dealing with bullying, and your body is constantly changing.

In my experience, women have worse memories of middle school and men have worse memories of ...
Both middle and high school were dreadful for me.
Contributor: alliegator alliegator
Elementary school, there were several boys who made fun of me for being fat. Middle and high school weren't a bullying problem for me, I just wasn't popular.
Contributor: karenm karenm
I've always figured that middle school was worse for both genders, but I can see how high school could be a bad time too. It depends on your situation.

I can't think of any worse time in my life than junior high. Kids liked to bully and exclude other kids for no real reason other than that they were different different. So I was called a freak because I had a recent and prominent scar from cancer.

I was very unhappy at times during it, but I actually liked high school a lot. I went to one of the biggest high schools in the US (some years it is the biggest) so there were so many groups of friends to choose from that it didn't seem cliquey at all. I had a lot more friends.