Band names

Band names

gone77 gone77
If you were to start a band or were offered the chance to name one, what crazy name would you come up with? Here's some wacky ones I just made up and one that's real. Can you guess which one is the real one?

Raymond Bradbury's Panties
Extra Crispy Elbows
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ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
Psychostick is my guess.

As for a name I would try Dick Weed. (OK that is my favorite nick name that a dear friend gave me, thus my screen name.)
Avant-garde Avant-garde
If I were to take a guess which one is the real one I would say "yes"

Raymond Bradbury's Panties
Extra Crispy Elbows

as far as a name for my own brand

cafe vagina
open all night
cum on in
open for service
Chilipepper Chilipepper
I've known some bands with weirdo names:

Aquarium Starlight Fish (heavy on folk and classic rock; my best girlfriend in high school and her sister were the core members)

The Toilet Bowl Prophets (indie rock; their one original song was entitled 'I'm All Alone with My Testosterone' ... I suspect they were stealing ideas from other sources, though)

Kilt the Messenger (celtic punk, metal, and rock; one of the bagpipers is on maternity leave right now)

Bands I'd name?
Intellectual Perverts
Lady Clockwork
The Dweeb Ones
Cthulhu Rising
Mesh and Lace
Crowley's Hair ...

(Most all of them made appearances in my fiction.) I'm currently enamored of naming a band 'Captain Leotard and the Killer Gumball Machine'.
Jul!a Jul!a
Ooh, I know which one's actually real!!!

And hmm, when we played Rock Band I think the most creative anybody got was naming an all male band the Sex Kittens.
Sammi Sammi
I know which one of those is real too

Hmm, bands I'd name? Maybe
Slut Puppies
Khan's Wrath
Susie Don't Bite
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