Battle of the Browsers: Which do you use?

Contributor: kck kck
Once upon a time, I used Netscape and wanted to punch my computer every single time I went on the internet. After something way better was finally made more widely available, I found myself jumping from browser to browser: Safari, IE, Chrome, etc. I was basically in a browser swinger, man. Finally, I have found and settled on the internet browser that works best for me: Firefox. I loves its customizable features, the add-ons, the quasi-cute message it gives when it crashes (which is rare). My boyfriend uses Chrome, and we (jokingly) war out over who has the better browser. He's convinced that his is better and is always trying to get me to switch.

So, what browser do you like best? What is it that you like best about it? Am I missing out here by having Firefox? I'm inclined to think not, but you tell me!
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Stone Age Netscape
1  (0%)
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Blinker , *Keona* , usmcwife99 , Alicia , Red Vinyl Kitty , Miss B Haven , Sensual husband , Darling Jen , Shellz31 , Danielle1220 , Airen Wolf , Jemztone , SomewhatSomewhere , Lily Night , ToyGurl , big b , K101
17  (8%)
Apple Safari
Sammi , Ciao. , buzzvibe , Andromeda , jb787 , DeliciousSurprise , Tucker Cummings , Miss Morphine , Morganna , sixfootsex , yw2 , Gigi128 , Raymaker , Martiniman
14  (6%)
Mozilla Firefox
kck , Midway through , Chilipepper , Jul!a , Liz , Gunsmoke , Tori Rebel , Lustful Dreams , Rossie , ToyTimeTim , removedacnt , gone77 , TitsMcScandal , Lady Venus , fishytwo , ♥ Amanda ♥ , LicentiouslyYours , MuffysPinguLove , Adriana Ravenlust , P'Gell , Kindred , plink , Victoria , fatesrelease , JEM , 00 , PassionQT , Femme Mystique , Avant-garde , Jenna.J.Ross , Liz2 , Envy , *Ashley* , El-Jaro , Love Buzz , Miss Naughty Kitty , kinky girlfriend , SexyySarah , Sidewinder , Penguin , Dusk , Splendwhore , Sexy Machine , sexyhellokitty , onehotmomma , Alegria , SydVicious , LuLu Love , TantalizingTaryn , Alura Une , Not here , beautifulpierced , lamira , GeekWife , popples , leatherlover , Rayne11 , Jobthingy , Mr. E , BBW Talks Toys , Hot'n'Bothered , Yesenia , mllebeauty , ToyGeek , cherryredhead88 , Unconventional , qspark , Viktor Vysheslav Malkin , RosesThorns , Illusional , Luvbugleah , Destri , Pixel , Anne Ardeur , meganthomas , null , C4ss , 34 , BluePixi , Vaccinium , Clitical Jenne , BadassFatass , Purpleladybug , sweet seduction , BeautiFullFigured , loveshocks , Stujen , Twisted Angel , bluekaren , fromazoo , MaryExy , Woman China , yes yes yes , LittleBoPeep , Dyma , Mistress Kitten , angel142stx , toxie m , tickle me pink , sexygoddess , newfoundlust , Eva Schwaltz , Jackol , 3d3n1 , LennaKieran , Scott Ghost , bog , DawnStar , ChubbyNerd , Robespierrethecat , EmuLove , SourAppleMartini , FLIPxMODE , doowop , Teaser , misskat , LoneOokami
117  (53%)
Google Chrome
PolyGirl , Annemarie , Rockin' , Sir , Kinky Skier , Jimbo Jones , joja , YoungCouple , Carrie Ann , The Giveaway Diva , JPito , NightNight , clp , Miss Cinnamon , B8trDude , Kim! , MeghanLeigh003 , petite-n-sweet , Hannah Savage , Persephone Nightmare , Madeira , Sera , sasweetheart89 , The Nakanas , OliveSlate , RonLee , Crash , buzz , Angel deSanguine , macho99 , UnknownGirl , Rainbow Boy , *Huxley* , Kayla , hornypoet69 , mariedoll , Ms. Paprika , jazz4me , Inwitari , NarcissisticLust , indiglo , KrissyRoro , darthkitt3n , PDXlady , ladychristie , Errant Venture , potstickers , Vaginas , Deeder , meitman , Allstars316 , Strider , Vanille , 1001 Pleasures , chicmichiw , xxsquigglesxx , Kiwiflyboy , Leather & Lace , SMichelle , Lildrummrgurl7 , Allison.Wilder , Cosmonaut , Cyber Angel
63  (28%)
Some really obscure or unpopular browser you've probably never heard of...
Evoluchun , hiroshiro , The Curious Couple
3  (1%)
I have no layalties. I use whatever the computer comes with.
married with children , Life's Little Secrets
2  (1%)
None of the Above, so let me 'splain...
Lummox , dv8 , Falsepast , ImaGodiva , KrazyKandy
5  (2%)
Total votes: 222
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Contributor: Annemarie Annemarie
Google Chrome represent!
Contributor: kck kck
Psshhh... Firefox here to knock off Google Chrome sox
Contributor: Sir Sir
Google Chrome! My girl introduced me to it, said it was wonderful. I did not believe her until I saw it on her laptop. Then I HAD to have it! Excellent look, very clean and simple, very minimal. And the Google bar is excellent!
Contributor: Midway through Midway through
I use Firefox unless the computer doesn't have it (in the case of friends- so then I use IE)
Contributor: Rockin' Rockin'
I use Google Chrome now, but I had used Firefox almost exclusively for years. I love Firefox, but my computer developed some issues with freezing when it doesn't have enough memory, and Firefox was so huge when it was running, that I couldn't stand it after a while. I'd been using Firefox and Chrome simultaneously just to keep using Echofon (a Twitter add-on for Firefox) but after I found DestroyTwitter...well, I destroyed Firefox.

I'm getting a new computer soon and will probably go back to Firefox, but I'm not sure. I like Chrome... ^_^
Contributor: Jul!a Jul!a
I love Firefox, I get so confused so easily when I have to use IE for whatever reason.
Contributor: Liz Liz
Another vote for Firefox! I'm a Mac user and have tried Chrome and Safari, but I always end up coming back to Firefox.
Contributor: Blinker Blinker

I'm used to using Internet Essploder. It's just what I'm not used to, I guess. I have Firefox and IE but just go to IE naturally. Everyone else I know ues t3h Firefawks.
Contributor: Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
Firefox is my preference - but I also occasionally use Chrome & IE - agnostic I guess.
Contributor: kck kck
Originally posted by Blinker

I'm used to using Internet Essploder. It's just what I'm not used to, I guess. I have Firefox and IE but just go to IE naturally. Everyone else I know ues t3h Firefawks.
LOL. Ronery, you're missus ronery...
Contributor: removedacnt removedacnt
I got so sick of all the problems I had with IE that I downloaded Firefox and never looked back.
Contributor: *Keona* *Keona*
I've used IE for so long I just ignore the fact that it sucks.
Contributor: Sammi Sammi
I love Safari and Firefox. I typically bounce between the two, but Safari is my favorite.
Contributor: ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
Originally posted by *Keona*
I've used IE for so long I just ignore the fact that it sucks.
hehe my wife to.

I like Firefox. Might check out Chrome, never heard of it. (don't get out much)
Contributor: usmcwife99 usmcwife99
I use microsoft internet explore.

I trually dont care witch one I use. Its just whats happened to be on all my computers. As long as I can get to the internet I dont care.
Contributor: TitsMcScandal TitsMcScandal
Firefox! W00t w00t.
Contributor: Ciao. Ciao.
I'm representing on Safari here w/Sammi, but I alternate between that and Firefox (and pretty much only use the firefox on windows computers)!
Contributor: Lady Venus Lady Venus
Contributor: Alicia Alicia
I use internet explorer because I work from home and have to load our virtual environment, and that works best with IE. I have a lot of issues on my work system and firefox and google chrome while I love it does not work well for my work stuff.
Contributor: fishytwo fishytwo
I Firefox, although while I was using IE for work I did get accustomed to the shift+enter shortcut and miss it terribly.
Contributor: LicentiouslyYours LicentiouslyYours
Originally posted by kck
Once upon a time, I used Netscape and wanted to punch my computer every single time I went on the internet. After something way better was finally made more widely available, I found myself jumping from browser to browser: Safari, IE, Chrome, etc. I ...
I'm all about Firefox usually - especially on the PC laptop. I will NOT use Explorer, you can't make me!!

I actually use Safari quite a bit also - obviously when I am on the Mac, it's got some very cool features lately.
Contributor: buzzvibe buzzvibe
I prefer and use Safari 99.9% of the time, but every once in a while I'll use Opera.
Contributor: joja joja
Well, I'm a web developer, so I use all of them for testing... but my preference is either Firefox or Chrome, depending on the computer. Faster computer = Firefox (mostly because of the huge array of add-ons), slower = Chrome (lower resources, faster tabbed browsing).
Contributor: YoungCouple YoungCouple
Google Chrome with Incognito Mode FTW. Allows me to go from my work (pc), home (mac), and floater lappy (PC) without having to move favs, etc.
Contributor: Carrie Ann Carrie Ann
Chrome, all the way. And with all the new extensions, it's got almost as much add-on-ability as FF lately -- without all the glitches that happened EVERY time I updated FF.
Contributor: P'Gell P'Gell
I was a hard sell to use Firefox, mainly because when I was first introduced to it, it was hard to get into so many sites with it and I had always used IE.

We had a crash (due to a terrible porn site we were using injecting a virus into our machine) about a year ago, and the dude who fixed our computer ditched our "free" AntiVirus Ware and sold us on Norton and INSISTED we'd get less crap on our computer if we used Firefox. I didn't want to (don't like change) but I tried it anyway, and I love it.

However, I can't get My Man to use it, he's an IE addict, due to habit and he's always complaining about issues that I don't have with Firefox. Did I mention he also doesn't yet have an ATM card or a debit card, and that he still....listens to the radio. Old Man.....
Contributor: ~LaUr3n~ ~LaUr3n~

Idk what happened...
Contributor: Andromeda Andromeda
I almost always use Safari, but I have Firefox as well. I simply prefer the way Safari looks. *shrug*
Contributor: plink plink
I use Firefox and before that I used Mozilla when it had the Netscape look and feel to it. Of course when Mozilla released Firefox I upgraded. Wouldn't ever think of using another browser although if I had to choose another I'd go with Opera over I.E. or Google Chrome especially.