Best Wishes, Stormy!! You are going to be missed as an administrator....

Best Wishes, Stormy!! You are going to be missed as an administrator....

js250 js250
I would like to make a post for Stormy. She was an amazing person, administrator and kept us in line on the forums. All her hard work and dedication has taken a toll on her, she resigned. Let's let her know how much her time and friendship meant to us and make this a special thread--for a very special person!!
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js250 js250

You were the voice of reason for many of us, a friend and a funny person who is much cared about. I understand the need to go on and start fresh with other jobs when needed, but will miss you dearly!! You were a great administrator, a wonderful friend, a breath of fresh air on the forums and a hard worker keeping us happy with the contests and acknowledgements. Love ya and really miss you Stormy!!
spiced spiced
I don't know Stormy as well as you do, but I think she's awesome, too.

I'm not sure if you saw her post on the "Goodbye Stormy" discussion:

"Hey everyone, thank you for the outpouring of love and support. When I can read this thread and not cry like a two year old, I'll respond more in depth. I will continue to contribute to Edenfantasys, I will simply no longer serve in an administrative capacity. I am going to take a few days and get the head right, but you'll see me around soon enough."

I was so relieved when I read that! It's hard to imagine Eden without Stormy around.
KinkyKatieJames KinkyKatieJames
Thank you for all of your hard work, Stormy! I wish you the best with all of your future endeavors! xo
Do emu Do emu
Thanks again, Stormy, for your dedication to this community. I just want to let you know you are highly respected and appreciated, even by people you've never met!
Martiniman Martiniman
What? Oh NO!

I didn't know Stormy extremely well, but from what I've read, what I've seen of how she handled herself and this forum, the quick help she's given me and her responses to my forum questions, I'm going to extremely miss Stormy! I wish you luck Stormy on whatever comes next in your made EF and the forums a much better place! I only hope you still stay active in the forums as a civilian, as your responses are considered valuable and fun to me and I'm sure many others.
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