DreamWolf DreamWolf
To confess it, yes, I very much enjoy watching such materials, it is just so "unleashed", so ancient and natural how animals behave...

What catches me even more is the spiritual part of it, that one could become one with the spirit of an animal, and there, it pretty much ends for me... (Though I wonder if I will ever have the desire to do such a thing in practice, for now it is a topic I feel so close to my heart, as someone deeply in love with the wonder and creatures of Mama Nature...)

What are your thoughts about the topic?

(Please, keep it moderate, though it's understandable why many are disgusted, but write with respect towards those who have a different opinion... Thank you...)
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Ghost Ghost
Actually, regardless of anyone's personal feelings, talking about bestiality is against the code of conduct for the forums (Expectations of Conduct can be found here: link). Specifically:

"Any homophobic, racist or otherwise hateful behavior will result in immediate banning from the community. Additionally, any content that sexualizes children or animals will result in an immediate ban. Hatred, abuse, and illegal activities have no place in our community."

I doubt you will be banned (hopefully), but you may want to read through that page!
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