Daniel & Brittany Daniel & Brittany
I felt like starting an arguement on bigfoots existance, I think it's all a hoax but am open minded and actually in hopes someone can convince me otherwise
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Eden C. Eden C.
One cannot disprove Bigfoot's existence, but I won't believe it until someone proves it beyond reasonable scientific doubt.
Daniel & Brittany Daniel & Brittany
I was hoping we'd have a lot more fun with this thread, but it seems no one is interested in bigfoot lol
MaryExy MaryExy
Originally posted by Eden C.
One cannot disprove Bigfoot's existence, but I won't believe it until someone proves it beyond reasonable scientific doubt.
I'm with you.
slynch slynch
I'm not a believer. I've seen too many hoaxers.

I won't believe until I see Bigfoot's birth certificate.
Jobthingy Jobthingy
I once met this older native man. He went by the name of Crazy Ray (i am not kidding). He and his pal Joe were at this bar up north. The told me that they saw Bigfoot (they just called him Sasquatch). I was like "really? you saw him? where? what did he look like? did you take pictures?" They told me they were trapping for a weekend somewhere close by and they had gone to bed and the next morning there was a large clump of unknown fur on a tree trunk. "so what youre saying is, you didnt see him?" they gave me a big song and dance about spirits and i told them I will not believe this theory until they give me proof.

They had no proof so they bought me a beer instead.

These poor men tried very hard to convince me that this clump of hair they once saw was it. It was quite a funny night. One I dont think I will ever forget. I recently found out that poor Crazy Ray passed away.RIP Crazy Ray, may you find the big Sasquatch in the sky.
G.L. Morrison G.L. Morrison
I have two Bigfoot stories. When I was 14, my crazy abusive stepfather (may he spin a little faster on a spit in hell every time I think of him) brought home a 23yr old hitchhiker by the name of Reno Gene Kennedy. He was the prettiest man I'd ever seen. Gorgeous. And he could make a noise like a cougar. Heady stuff for a hormone-addled, romance novel junkie teen. He was also insane and not very bright. He insisted he knew Bigfoot personally. Other things he knew: you couldn't get pregnant unless the man and woman orgasmed simultaneously, being of mixed native descent he was the messiah meant to reunite all the North American Tribes to be one ruled of course by him, etc. Yes, I knew that just contemplating kissing him shaved ten points off my IQ. But I was 14. In yet another one of his bizarre punishments, my stepfather took my family but not me out of state the day before my birthday, leaving me alone with the sexy stranger. I rang in my new year with date rape that I thought was love.

My second Bigfoot story is when I was looking for work shortly after moving to Oregon. I applied for a position as a seasonal caretaker and editorial assistant for a youth hostel in Cave Junction, Oregon. The hostel was a renovated house and xmas tree farm way off the beaten track. It featured Bigfoot tours and had a hiking trail where visitors might catch a glimpse of the shy hirisute legend. The editorial assisting was basically making the memoirs (Bigfoot sightings, garden tips and rants) of the primary caretaker readable. Before my official interview, the caretaker insisted he needed a nap and suggested I take one as well. Although the hostel was empty and filled with beds and sofas, he insisted we should share a single bed. I declined and politely offered to look at his manuscript while he slept. After his nap, which he said was not at all peaceful because of my rudeness, he told me he was saving the job for a woman willing to sleep with him. Not me. He did offer to give me the Bigfoot tour for free. No thanks.

So if I did believe in Bigfoot, I'd have to conclude he was a pervert. And not the good kind.
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