Body image assault of the day

Body image assault of the day

T&A1987 T&A1987
Ashley Madison, a company that helps married people connect with people for affairs, is advertising that time is better spent with a thin woman than a larger woman. They used the image of a plus size model for an ad campaign she opposes, although their use of the photo is legal.

My thoughts on this are two-fold.

One, this is essentially parroting the idea that thin women are inherently more attractive than larger women. further, as mentioned in the link, this essentially states that men are more likely to cheat on larger women, meaning they should remain perpetually thin, perhaps even dangerously thin to maintain their relationship. This is potentially dangerous for a variety of reasons. One, normal life activities, such as pregnancy, working in an office, or in the home, or just growing old tends to result in weight gain, however slight. More importantly, the average woman is not as thin as say the first woman presented in the ad, especially as she's probably been photoshopped to near oblivion. This establishes a non existent ideal, which, if not upheld, may result in a terminated relationship.

Two. The model of Ashley Madison, the idea of finding married people mistresses and... masteresses? is infantile. Aside from the fact that they're love vultures, the thought of the customer is essentially that they're in a relationship, they're not happy, understandable, and their solution is to cheat. rather than attempting to find the root of the relationship's problem, explain the issue to the partner to see if that solves anything, find an agreement for sleeping outside the marriage with permission, or ending the relationship, they cheat. Granted some must have of course exercised some or all of the options mentioned, but my guess is that the majority said, "bah this sucks. I'ma stick my dick in someone. where's that computeratron." Okay, maybe not in that language, but you get the idea. This juvenile behavior is further evidenced by the CEO who blasts the model, "Juicy Jackie" for complaining, stating she new this could happen and should be grateful for the exposure.

From making what amounts to shallow fat jokes, to the business practices of a frat boy, I say boo to Ashley Madison.
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TitsMcScandal TitsMcScandal
The website (Ashley Madison) always has and always will disgust me. It doesn't surprise me that they are using such deplorable measures for advertising.
Shellz31 Shellz31
Interesting cause I have come across a number of guys who prefer bigger girls. My Master likes larger girls cause he says they are (the ones he has been with) fair more into the sex than the slimmer girls were. The bigger girls seemed to just let go and thoroughly enjoy experimenting too.

Apparently slimmer girls have had more hang-ups, which I kinda though would be the other way around.

Ashley Madison can go 'you know what' herself. Up you love! <-- the closest to a smiley face doing the finger!
Errant Venture Errant Venture
There's also the fact that people with slimmer boyfriends or girlfriends cheat also. It's not just a weight thing. But, really, I can't be bothered to go into more detail. This is just one of those things that make me go slack-jawed at the sheer idiocy of it, and I'll save my breath.
Breas Breas
That website has always made me cringe and get a little angry inside... so am I surprised they have an ad like this? No, not really. Does it make me dislike them that much more? Absolutely!

I agree with both of your opinions.

I could write a lengthy rant right now, but I'll try and contain myself.
Ansley Ansley
There's no such thing as bad publicity.

Sounds like the ad served its purpose: people are talking.
CreamySweet CreamySweet
Originally posted by T&A1987
Ashley Madison, a company that helps married people connect with people for affairs, is advertising that time is better spent with a thin woman than a larger woman. They used the image of a plus size model for an ad campaign she opposes, ...
Im not sure about their add campaign and use of body size as to infer potential to cheat or be cheated on. I don't watch television so I miss much of the media that gets presented. I will say from past observation however we are all guilty of making ourselves look like bass lures with makeup and bling, buying stuff that enhances this or hides that, puts colors her and colors them in there in facination to make ourselves look our best? Or as we preceive society thinks we should look? Gyms, makeup, clothing, and almost all products marketed take advantage of making us desire to be something we are not - good or bad. Probably the easiest and most effective protest you can make is simply don't use their product.

As to the other part of A.M. I have been married to my first and I plan to be my only husband for almost 15 years. We are both absolutely happy and say not only "I Love You" a dozen times a day but show affection that would make an orthodontist cringe from the sick sweetness. We are also in the situation of having a relationship closed but sexually open marriage which is a mutual happy situation we both like to have. Meaning if I see a guy I want to have sex with and my husband and I agree on it I can. The same for him with other women. If either says no to our target of desire then its no without discussion or debate. I know a bunch of folks will say this is wonderful, terrible, a great marriage or you people are screwed up but at the end of the day its my life, my choice and my right so I don't really care if people like it or not - its my life. My point is I have used A.M. Se eral times in fact and have met a few guys off it for exactly what A.M. is for - getting laid. Its not a dating or live or relationship site its a hook up for sex site period. Sometimes people look to deep into a product because they are looking for more out of it but thats not what your going to get here. As far as me... I'm not fat, large or thin. I'm me. I'm a size 8 with DD's who stands about 5'4. I have some stretch marks and I'm not perfect except to myself and my husband because I accept and luke who I am and what I look like.

Sex is what it is... people meet on A.M for it - people meet at bars and clubs for it - heck they meet at work and even church for it. Don't be down on a site because they market a product a lot of folks consume - and don't say its unhealthy because just like the twinki and cupcake I sometimes eat its a choice we all make to do things that we want. I am sorry if sites use stuff that make people feel bad but its the world we luve in and thats never going to go away because we are that kind of animal.
Ms. Spice Ms. Spice
I'm not sure if you intend to do this, but i see a lot of potential skinny women bashing that might happen in this thread. Or at least a bunch of stereotypes about thin women that will be straight up bullshit.

but Stormy's right. it's still getting publicity and publicity can (and probably will)turn into business.
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