Botox for wrinkles...

Botox for wrinkles...

catsin catsin
In the past I've been avid against the use of Botox for wrinkles, thinking it was dangerously foolish for people to be so vain as inject a lethal toxin into their bodies.

FAST FORWARD, to now: about 10 years after I first heard about the procedure, and I've developed what I'd like to call premature aging of the forehead. Granted I'm probably tainted by all the photoshopped models and cinema stars, but it seems wrinkles like me more than others.


Have your or someone you known received botox treatments?
Did the treatments work or show negative side effects?
Were the results worth the cost?

Thank you
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Raigne Raigne
My aunt has had them before. she wants to get them again, so she must feel like the results were worth it. She didn't mention any negative problems she'd had with it, but I think it makes the face look less expressive. The eyebrows are what convey emotion, not the eyes. If you can't move them I tend to think it makes you look, for lack of a better term, dead.
Beck Beck
My mother in law goes and gets them, but not for wrinkles. They inject Botox into her throat because she has difficultly swallowing. She hasn't shown any negative effects, but she hasn't shown any positive effects either. I think she is wasting her money. She still chokes on food.

I know what you are talking about is not the same. There very well could be good results, but really I think you are better off not injecting a toxin into your skin. We all age, there is no point prolonging it.
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