buying American made products

buying American made products

married with children married with children
They where talking on the radio today about small ways to help fix the economy and to keep living wage jobs here in our country. One of the ways they suggested was to take the time to buy at least one Christmas gift that was made in America this year. By doing this, you could "vote" with your pocket books and let corporations know that we want to keep jobs here at home.

What are your thoughts one this? Do you agree or disagree? Would you take it a step beyond that, and try to buy everything local? I know we have had some discussions on buying American vs foreign. But they all seemed to be based on if you cared where your toys came from. This discussion kind of puts a face of a worker on that product you purchase at the store. I know that every product gets made by someone. But what if that someone was your neighbor?
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T&A1987 T&A1987
it kind of goes against free market capitalism, but the problem is that adam smith never foresaw a world as small as ours. It's hard to compete when industries can pay children pennies a day, rather than the twenty an hour plus benefits expected in America.

On the other hand, paying more than needed for a product out of guilt is like charity, you're hurting yourself in the hopes that you're helping someone else. it's fine if you can afford the extra cost, but otherwise it's best to purchase based upon price, not geopolitical politics.

There's also the question of how it affects people in china. as bad as their sweatshops are, is it worse than the poverty they would face without them?

A lot of complicated questions to consider.
Chirple Chirple
I agree, it's a complicated issue.

People in factories overseas are people with faces, too. On a basic, human level, I care about them as much as the person next-door. Just because a person isn't my nationality doesn't mean they're worth less or are less deserving.

The most you can do is try to do research the best you can and make choices you're comfortable with.
js250 js250
What about items America does not make? There are businesses that have had to leave the US, businesses that are based in the US but the work is done out of the country and products that are not even manufactured in the US. The research vs. the practicality and cost of purchasing an item would have to be comparable for me to buy American. Availability and performance are also issues that need consideration. There are a lot of considerations and practicalities that need to be made prior to answering a question like this one.
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