Cam Model - how do you get started?

Cam Model - how do you get started?

ViVix ViVix
So, I see that there was a discussion about how to become a cam model posted in July of last year, but I don't know how current that info is.

Here it first, I was closed-minded about cam models. I assumed you would have to do a whole bunch of weird, gross fetish stuff for one. Lately, I've seen a few posts on modeling, and I'm starting to get curious as to how one goes about becoming a cam model? How do you know which sites are scams and which ones are safe? About how much money do cam models earn?

Any info is appreciated. I'm just trying to gather my information and open my mind a bit instead of forming ignorant judgements.

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js250 js250
I play occasionally on a cam site called as a cam model. Keep in mind that I am not a full-time cam model, but someone who loves to be an exhibitionist. I have a lot of fun with it and my husband loves watching me cam.

You can set up a free account-no credit card required-and cam for fun or you can become verified and cam for tips. I cam for tips. There are many people on there that cam for tips as a living.

On any cam site, there is a 'models wanted' link if they are hiring. Once you find a site you think you might like, go to your google and search the 'name of site' and 'complaints' and 'information'. Now--do the research, find out everything you possible can.

I am only on cam about 10-12 hours per month and I make anywhere from $150.00-860.00 per month--so far. It does vary for me because I am doing it for fun and just to see how many tips I can get, not to seriously earn money.

Feel free to message me if you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them.
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