Carnivore? Vegetarian? Vegan? Other?

Carnivore? Vegetarian? Vegan? Other?

kittycatgirl kittycatgirl
I just changed to a vegetarian diet. It was a personal choice based on health, and based on animal cruelty. I'm not one of those PETA people, but I saw some videos that upset me and decided to make the switch. Had I not seen them, I probably would have still switched, as I was already considering it just as a healthier way of eating, cuz I eat way too much red meat! So anyway.. What are you, and why?
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I eat meat, I always have and always will.
mpfm , Incendiaire , ViVix , Ryuson , Jul!a , Fun with Dick & Jane , snuggly , SeductivelyCute , xoxo , Ansley , Nora , OhMy! , El-Jaro , Graniteal , catgirl9 , Sammi , EdenJP , HugsAndBites , LaSchwartz , Missmarc , melissa1973 , Badass , Stinkytofu10 , wetone123 , hyacinthgirl , PolyLove , SaraU29 , geliebt , Secret Pleasure , Lummox , JessCee , wrmbreze , BlooJay , bayosgirl , K101 , Rebelle , Jon S , Errant Venture , slynch , sweetcuppincakes , Allstars316 , PeaceToTheMiddleEast , OroNomi , Beck , married with children , Aberrant , dv8 , Kithara , Zombirella , tiggle biddies , Dreaus , mlmac , BiJess , Lover of Leather , Thumper Logic , Lioncub , travelnurse , Freyja9 , AliMc , GONE! , Supervixen , apryls , AHubbyof2SexualMinds , Martiniman
I eat meat but I would consider switching over (explain)
Chirple , Mwar , Ciao. , jokerzwild , eggiweg , DreamWolf , Chilipepper , Azule , SparklyGlitter , sexxxkitten , PinkiePie , padmeamidala
I used to eat meat and switched to vegetarian.
kittycatgirl , wdanas , - Kira - , DreamWolf , AzealiaB , Llewey , TameTemptress , M121212 , PDXlady , NaturalWoman , mistressg , Caulfield , hjtee , SassySam
I used to eat meat and now am vegan
PDXlady , voenne , marshmallow
I've always been a vegetarian.
I've always been a vegan.
I was a veg, but switched back (explain)
P'Gell , zwee75 , DreamWolf , Badass , M121212 , PeaceToTheMiddleEast , Gracie , corsetsaurus rex , Sinfully
other (explain)
Curiouscat , Woman China , Greenleaf , Carrie Ann , DreamWolf , Rossie , M121212 , NaturalWoman , Vanille
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Chirple Chirple
I'd consider it if I was at a place in my life where it was more economically feasible.

I'd really have to think about it. I feed my pets animal products, so I could never have a truly veg* household - my pets are carnivores and even the cat food has animal product in it. So on one hand it feels like part of the circle of life, on the other, I don't really like meat and don't really need it.
Mwar Mwar
I can go months without eating red meat or pork, but I absolutely love chicken and fish. I could be a pescatarian though.
Incendiaire Incendiaire
I enjoy meat too much, plus I'm a rather picky eater, so if I cut meat out of my diet then my choices would be pretty limited and bland.
Ciao. Ciao.
I eat meat, and don't really have a problem eating meat as long as it is raised and treated ethically. But I have definitely gone periods of time where I am strictly vegetarian. Usually that happens only in the summer when fresh vegetables are plentiful.
Jul!a Jul!a
I probably could give up meat if I had to, but I voted that I wouldn't because I can't really see a time period in which I would for anything other than health reasons.
Ryuson Ryuson
There are different kinds of proteins that you get from different kinds of food, and I'd rather just have some meat than try and find 10 different vegiges that cover all the different types we need to eat. I also just like it a lot.
Curiouscat Curiouscat
The only meat I really eat is chicken. Other than that I don't like eat and feel gross eating it. I always think of the animal while eating meat and quickly loose my appetite. So I kind of eat meat...but not so much. I wouldn't be sad to give up meat all together.
snuggly snuggly
I wouldn't consider it. Eating meat is healthy for you. The only times it could be considered bad for you is when you eat too much of it, but that's true with ANY food. It's all about moderation. (and it also happens to be delicious! )
jokerzwild jokerzwild
I am a meat eater. I have no problem with it for health concerns or concerns over killing animals (though the method does effect my choice on where I get the meat). The only reason I would stop eating meat is for the environmental impact.
xoxo xoxo
We're animals ourselves. We were meant to live off of killing other animals.
Ansley Ansley
I really really love meat, but there several times a week where I would be happy eating "rabbit food". I was one of those kids you didn't have to make eat their vegetables, I did it happily and with enthusiasm.
P'Gell P'Gell
I was a vegetarian in my formative years. When I got pregnant, I was quite ill and suddenly had a craving for red meat, which I hadn't eaten for years. I ate some and felt so much better, I stayed an Omnivore.

I can go days without eating meat, but I need it during my period, and I just found out I am anemic, and need to try to treat it first with diet, so meat it is. (As lovely as leafy greens are, they simply don't have the kind of iron that is usable by the human body.) I need my health, and I also enjoy eating a wide variety of foods, from veggies to fish to meat to carbs etc. The only food I avoid nearly entirely is dairy. That stuff is nasty. Much worse for you than meat.

I have a ton of life threatening allergies and am a pain in the ass enough when I have to eat at other people's homes, not eating meat would make me virtually impossible to have as a guest. It's hard enough for my husband to buy a meal that I can eat all of, I don't expect friends and acquaintances to have to cater to my bizarre needs, and not eating meat would only complicate things. I HATE asking people, "Um.... what's in this?"
wdanas wdanas
I switched to a vegetarian diet some time ago and did very well on it for awhile, but then started having bad problems with anemia no matter how much of the "right" veggie foods I ate. For health considerations I do eat meat a few times a month, so maybe I'm not strictly vegetarian, but it's close enough for me to count. All meat that comes into our home is from local farms and was humanely/ethically raised. The bonus of eating a veggie diet is that buying "good" meat is a lot easier!
Ms. Spice Ms. Spice
I'm an omnivore. I've tried the vegan/ vegetarian route, but I didn't know how to combine certain foods to make complete proteins, which because of my protein deficiency, made me sick and caused me to lose 10 pounds.

I eat both meat products and veggie products so I can get all my nutrients. I don't eat meat daily, but like P'Gell, I'll eat during my period so I get my iron.
El-Jaro El-Jaro
I'm an omnivore. I eat stuff that isn't even food (cheese food, McDonalds).
zwee75 zwee75
I was a veggie for about 20 years then started incorporating chicken when we started trying to conceive. I will never eat red meat though.
catgirl9 catgirl9
I love meat way too much to never eat it again. I don't remember the last time I ate a meal (minus breakfast) that didn't include meat.
Woman China Woman China
We are designed to eat meat. We function better when our bodies consume protein and our muscles thrive on it.

Only problem is... I love meat. I love a tenderloin steak fresh from the butchers, so very lightly seared on both sides, so that the middle is still so very bloody. I love going on the hunt up in the arctic for a fresh kill and nom nom'ing on whale or caribou or seal. Mmmm... now I am homesick.

I love meat. Meat doesn't love me so much. That's my problem. I will eat it if it is prepared how I like it. But then I suffer greatly!!!!
Greenleaf Greenleaf
I was a vegetarian for a few years, and then switched to eating poultry and seafood.
EdenJP EdenJP
Originally posted by kittycatgirl
I just changed to a vegetarian diet. It was a personal choice based on health, and based on animal cruelty. I'm not one of those PETA people, but I saw some videos that upset me and decided to make the switch. Had I not seen them, I probably ...
I eat meat, I always have and always will.
Carrie Ann Carrie Ann
I eat primarily whole foods; fruit, veggies, grains and legumes. I do use a small amount of half and half every day and eat a little bit of cheese. I use no white sugar or flour and try not to eat anything I haven't prepared myself. (Ie no canned or boxed crap)

I don't label myself though cuz when I want meat, I eat it. This translates to about once a week for me.

I made the switch to just eating better, real, non processed foods about 2 months ago and have never felt better.
HugsAndBites HugsAndBites
i eat meat and wear leather... i use it all
AzealiaB AzealiaB
vegetarian for 10 years, for animal rights and environmental reasons.

will make the switch to vegan one day when i have the time and money!
Rossie Rossie
I have a balanced diet, I love lots of meat, but I also eat plenty of vegetable in the same meal.
Missmarc Missmarc
Originally posted by kittycatgirl
I just changed to a vegetarian diet. It was a personal choice based on health, and based on animal cruelty. I'm not one of those PETA people, but I saw some videos that upset me and decided to make the switch. Had I not seen them, I probably ...
I like meat. I love the taste, texture. I don't think i will ever give up meat.
Badass Badass
i went through periods of time where i decide not to eat meat... because our meat is all kinds of crazy in the states, but always revert back to what i love. meat<3
melissa1973 melissa1973
I'm 100% Meatatreian I refuse to eat steak but I love a good hamburger (go figure). I saw the same video that you're talking about (at least part)and it still doesn't matter. Fact of life everything is on the food table even we are, animals die and other animals eat to survive that's the way it's always been and will always be. My daughter swore off meat when she saw the video the next day she was eating hot dogs.
DreamWolf DreamWolf
Started the whole thing when I was 12, becoming a semi-vegetarian, eating eggs, milky stuff, white meat and fish...
Then I was a lacto-vegetarian, then a kind of vegetarian that I ate some fish, poultry and wild meat only one day a month - then an ovo-lacto-vegetarian, for longlong years...

A previous mate of mine didn't let me go on with it, saying that meat is needed for health, so I switched back because he didn't let me go on without eating any...

Now am still a meat eater and I don't entirely feel good about it, but as W/we are going to live a self-sustaining life my Master thinks and I do too some way that it could happen that W/we would heavily have to rely on meat, because what if the plants die off because of the harsh desert climate, so W/we would have to hunt then, so I will have to learn it too, poor animals, ehhh... ~sighs

I intend to eat waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayway less meat in the future, and stop consuming anything what comes from anywhere else than O/our O/own H/home and hunted food, because anything else has a high chance to be full of shit, not to mention the way those poor creatures are raised!
If I have to eat meat then at least I want to have happy animals around, give them all the care, love and respect they deserve (cause they deserve it all too, not only humans), and when "their time comes" then it would probably be that Master will slaughter them, I will be inside with some music on loud to not hear them die, yowling and crying as hell for them!
Hunting and everything else always with praying for their soul, and eating possibly larger animals, because less lives are taken for the same amount of meat that way... Though it is said that if you eat meat anyway then rather eat animals with eyes the least expressive, as their astral bodies aren't as highly developed as in the case of larger animals for example... Though I still think that it is wrong to kill any of them, I don't even like it that some plants eaten are killed that way, but oh well... I guess even as we walk we step on some little ones, and it is also said that many animals who live in groups don't have individual souls, but the group has a soul, so when one of them dies the soul will still live on... Though as the soul is eternal (in my humble opinion) then it pretty much doesn't even matter if you leave the lil soul in that current body, or just take his/her life... As the changing of body is simply like changing clothes, and the vast majority of animals are nature souls, not fallens like most of the humans, so for humans it is more important in the learning process of life to stay in one body as long as possible, because our consciousness isn't so highly developed yet that we could remember previous lives to remember all the lessons...
Ahhh, I guess am going too deep into the topic... ~lays ears blushy

So anyway... I still feel so fuckin sorry as hell for those poor lil creatures, in that bigbig fear and pain and desperation when they are dying, being slaughtered, killed... But if I can't avoid to eat them then I wanna know that one didn't live a fucked life and died a horrible death somewhere else, only because folks want that friggin meat, not caring that A FUCKIN LIFE IS TAKEN FOR A FUCKIN MEAL TO ENJOY... So there is a HUGE difference between meat and meat you eat, so if you do then you wanna do it as harmlessly as possible... :S ~sighs and blushes
Stinkytofu10 Stinkytofu10
I'm an OMNIvore. You forgot that in your list, and most humans are omnivores.
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