Coconut oil diet, does it work?

Coconut oil diet, does it work?

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So recently we had a family reunion, and my cousin showed up looking at LEAST 30 lbs. thinner. It's been only 2 months since I've seen her and she said she's lost 40 lbs. I asked her what she was doing and she pulled out a bottle of pure coconut oil (not capsules, actual 100% organic, extra virgin coconut oil).

I looked it up online and found some interesting things:

1. Farmers were feeding their cattle coconut to fatten them up, and instead they ended up with very skinny cows.

2. SEVERAL people, even a few movie stars have had success with this diet according to reviews.

3. Doing the diet supposedly helps the skin, hair, nails, etc.

To do the diet, you take about 2 tablespoonfulls of oil a day, before meals or at set times. You eat natural foods high in fat, avoiding foods out of boxes (processed). You also avoid carbs and keep a regular, moderate exercise regimen such as walking three times a week or whatever else. But apparently, hardcore workouts aren't necessary.

I would like to have input from anyone who has tried this, had success/no success with it. Please share as much as you can because I'm about to get started.
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