Curse Words Can Be Beneficial For Your Pain...I Swear!

Curse Words Can Be Beneficial For Your Pain...I Swear!

wetone123 wetone123
Swearing and cursing are something most of us don't do on a daily basis and I'm thankful for that. I don't know about you but I believe that curse words can make one appear unattractive and uneducated. I'm not perfect and when I get fired up I have a tendency to curse but I usually regret it afterwards. I'm sure we all needed our mouths washed out with soap at one time or another.

A recent British research shows that by vocalizing curse words when injured they can actually help us endure the pain better. The study consisted of a group of people who were asked to stick their hands in ice cold water for an extended period of time. The members of the group who repeated swear words had a higher heart rate and lasted longer than the ones who used neutral words. In addition cursing can benefit your health...higher heart rate = cardiovascular workout = calorie burn = good for your health.

Think about the last time you hurt yourself? Imagine yourself saying "oh fudge, I think I twisted my ankle" .... do you really think that would help you deal with the agonizing pain? Now imagine that scenario again and picture yourself saying "#$%& it, this #$^& hurts" .... a bit less stressful, wasn't it? Granted people within earshot of you might be thrown off guard and offended but heck they aren't the ones in pain so they can deal with it.

Take into account it also depends on what type of person you are. If you're an expressive person then you will be able to deal with pain more than someone who is less passive. There are people who hold back and those who let loose. Depending on your personality is how you will react to pain. If you are normally very verbal but keep quiet during a painful incident that could make the experience much more painful for you.

There are better ways to relieve pain such as applying a compress, ice or heat but it's the initial onset of pain that makes most of us want to go "#$&@" and "&%$#"! For instance, you are slicing a bagel and cut your finger, and as you watch the blood seep out of your injury would saying, "goodness gracious I think I might need stitches" make you feel less distress? Or would an alternative saying such as "WTF, I need stiches now cause this $%^# is never going to stop @#$% bleeding, make you feel less anxious?

There are all different ways that we can react to pain and trauma. We are all unique in that way. Some of us are more creative than others. It's a fact that fear and anxiety don't cause the pain, but they can magnify the perception of the injury.

So the next time you get injured and you want to feel less excruciating pain remember that swearing does help with the hurts. Don't feel guilty about expressing your agony, we need to do what we need to do sometimes.

Wonder what it says about my personality that the first thing out of my mouth when I hurt myself is FUCK!!!
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Jul!a Jul!a
I never really thought about it that way before. The first thing out of my mouth when I hurt myself is either "shit" or "fuck", lol
wetone123 wetone123
I'm surprised at the lack of response on this one. Anyways I think its true. I made a concious effort not to swear when I hurt myself camping and it just made me hurt more! I think I'll keep screaming Fuck!
Eva Schwaltz Eva Schwaltz
I don't hesitate to swear when I know something is going to hurt, but I try not to offend others. I think it also helps to concentrate on something else other than the pain though.
IrishLassie IrishLassie
Yes! Sometimes certain curse words is the only best way to describe the situation or how Im feeling. I dont like to do it often but sometimes it's just necessary.
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