Do you buy intentionally buy locally made items over imported ones?

Do you buy intentionally buy locally made items over imported ones?

Solar Ray Solar Ray
When you are shopping do you make a conscious effort to buy locally made products (made in your own town/region/state/coun try) over imported items? Would you pay more just because one is made locally if two items are similar in quality?
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Yes... I prefer buying locally made products but wouldn't pay more for them.
moonch1ld , onehotmomma
Yes... I prefer buying locally made products and would pay a slight premium for them.
LadyEarlGrey , PiratePrincess , Lucidity , married with children , wetone123 , Vaccinium , Cream in the Cupcake , KaraSutra , BadgersRose , MMMARY , joja , darthkitt3n , sexyintexas , Shellz31 , ~LaUr3n~ , Miss Morphine , lezergirl , dv8
No... I don't really look at where a product is from... I shop mainly on quality and price regardless of where it originates.
Lio , Illusional , Purpleducklings , CSEA , null , A Closet Slut (aka nipplepeople) , DeliciousSurprise , beautifulpierced , seaofneptune , idunshire , GroovyBanana , Valentinka , Lummox , namelesschaos , Kindred , REDRUM , Mommy2 , Rossie
Other... explain.
Redboxbaby , namelesschaos
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LadyEarlGrey LadyEarlGrey
I'm lucky enough to live in a community that provides many locally made items and food. I would much rather buy local than imported items but some things just can't be found. I will pay a little more since I figure the money stays in the community and maybe even goes to someone I know rather than going else where.
PiratePrincess PiratePrincess
We almost always try to support local stores and products over chains. We need to support the workers we have near us in our communities.
Illusional Illusional
I just want the best price, lol.
married with children married with children
I always try to support local produced items. And if i cant find it local, I at least try to make sure it is made in america.
Vaccinium Vaccinium
I always try to buy local products. For one, it's nice to support local merchants, who typically do thing with more flair and care. For another, buying local products means that less energy was used to produce and transport it, which makes the environmentalist in me smile.
wetone123 wetone123
If we do not support our communities, cities, states, country in buying our own local products, then it will be our own fault when everything is made in China! It has almost come to that point anyway. Americans losing their jobs to imports is unacceptable. Quite disturbing
null null
Sad, but true...I can't afford to buy local most times.
KaraSutra KaraSutra
When I can I buy local, when I can't I try to get the closest available. Fortunately I have lots of little shops and vendors markets, along with a fruit/veggie place that only sell local stuff.
moonch1ld moonch1ld
The only time i think about local products is when I'm buying food. I'd love to only eat local food but I'm a student and can't afford it. If say a dozen eggs that is local is only 30 cents or so more than non local, I'll buy them.
Jul!a Jul!a
I try to buy stuff locally, but it doesn't always pan out that way.
P'Gell P'Gell
It's damn hard to find American made goods, not to mention "locally" made goods. I live in a suburb of Chicago, and there is NO "local" produce in the winter. None. Even the stuff at Whole Foods (which I can no longer afford to shop at) is often imported, especially in the winter.

One of our local news channels did a segment where they removed everything from people's houses which were not made in the USA. Most of the homes, unbeknown to the owners had little to no American made goods, and their houses were empty after everything made overseas was taken out.

I wish I could find more American made goods, that would be good enough for me. "Local" is basically non-existent where I live, unless you go to the twice yearly craft fair, but little of that stuff is really stuff you NEED to run a home.

But, I do buy American made goods and produce WHEN I can find it, which is not common.
seaofneptune seaofneptune
I'm in college so my spending money is limited so I can't always afford to be picky though I want to be.
BadgersRose BadgersRose
I buy "local" if it is available and good quality but not over the top price wise.
Redboxbaby Redboxbaby
I buy locally when possible. The Full Circle Farm CSA is a great way to get local (USA) produce even in the winter in Alaska. They ship it direct to us. It may cost a little more, but the quality is phenomenal, as well as their guarantee.

I buy certain things internationally. Our balsamic vinegar comes directly from Modena and the Medici family vineyards. We toured them while in Italy and the Balsamic is like nothing I have ever tasted in my life. I refuse to waste money on crappy vinegar now.

I shop with coupons when I go to the grocery and when I shop online. I rarely pay full price for anything. That helps me justify my indulgance in Italian/Greek food (direct from Parma, Florence, and Modena,IT and Santorini,GR)

If I notice something is made in China, I immediately look for another option. I refuse to buy anything Chinese unless I have to. I do not trust their manufacturing and consumer laws to protect us. It really sucks because I love Chinese food and sometimes give in to that!
idunshire idunshire
I'd like to, and I do when I go to the occasional farmer's market, but I just can't afford to be picky.
Trying to find goods that are Made in America is hard! Money is tight but I feel like buying American is worth the extra $$$$
sexyintexas sexyintexas
Originally posted by Solar Ray
When you are shopping do you make a conscious effort to buy locally made products (made in your own town/region/state/coun try) over imported items? Would you pay more just because one is made locally if two items are similar in quality?
Yes, I live in the country and we try to buy local as much as possible
onehotmomma onehotmomma
I like to buy local. Generally, I don't. When there are farmers markets and festivals here, with food or items that are hand made, they charge an arm and a leg for things. I can't stand it. Especially because there is 2 grocery stores that sell food that is locally grown, and it's relatively cheap. I do support WAHM's and buy things from them (kids toys etc.) I do not pay any more money I would expect to pay elsewhere.
Shellz31 Shellz31
I prefer to buy local products but unfortunately this country has it's priorities all screwed up!
So I'm forced to buy overseas items for most things.
namelesschaos namelesschaos
I go by prices and quality. Although some times locally produced things are of the best quality , although almost always at a higher price. I those cases were the local goods were best I used to buy some but now it just to expensive. It a shame because they have a framer's market at my school every week but I can't take advantage of it due to price.
Honestly, I've never even though about it. Since we're always tight on money we usually just pick the cheapest. We do get local meats sometimes though.
lezergirl lezergirl
I buy local when shopping for food, but not much else
Mommy2 Mommy2
I don't really think about that when I am shopping
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