Do you fight with your friends?

Do you fight with your friends?

Terri69 Terri69
Do you fight with your friends? I have one friend that I speak to ALL the time, just about every day and for hours and we have these fights like I have never had with any other friend. We get over for the most part but I have never experienced this? Have you?
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Allison.Wilder Allison.Wilder
Luckily, my friends and I only play fight and yell at each other. I've only ever had one real fight with a true friend.
Peggi Peggi
I don't fight with my friends often...but when I's like some sort of fight to the death only with words.

My friends and I have done some pretty shitty things to each other during fights, too, including the time that my friend who was my ex girlfriend and I got into it and she said some really harsh things to me and insulted my CURRENT girlfriend, so my girlfriend and I had a cook out at the park and burned pictures of the girl and her daughter, recording the whole thing just to be bitchy. We posted it on youtube and made sure she saw it.

She then broke part of a tea set I'd given her daughter that was sentimental, it was from my great grandmother.

So like I said, not often, but when it happens...

I even have a best friend who when we used to fight, I'd threaten to have CPS take her kids away and she'd threaten to blackmail me to get me fired lol.

We are such drama girls when we're pissed lol
anonkitty anonkitty
I haven't since high school and even back then it was only once or twice.
js250 js250
Small disagreements, but not actual fights. Sadly, the only person I fight with is my husband--and those are so bad when they happen that i am never going back. Until he sobers up and then there I go...ah, love, huh? I truly do love him, he is my soul mate but wow, can he ever get to me!!
Vanille Vanille
I don't fight with people. I avoid conflict at all costs and will go great lengths to resolve any issues.
silverdragonfly9 silverdragonfly9
I am like that with my best friend but we've been friends for so long we're like sisters and being such equals the occasional fight
breebree breebree
fights with friends are great. cuz then you talk about it and make up. Only with true friends you can do this. with fake friends, you stop talking after a fight.
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