Do you have any old 16mm , 8 mm or Super 8 film and how do you convert them to another, newer format.

Do you have any old 16mm , 8 mm or Super 8 film and how do you convert them to another, newer format.

Bignuf Bignuf
A friend who is into buying abandoned "stuff" in storage (yup, just like "storage wars" on TV, just bought a MOST interesting "blind auction" prize. a storage shed full of what had to be the reminents of an old adult "movie" parlor.

For those too young to have been around in the 60's and 70's. let me explain. There used to be adult "bookstores" that would sell magazines up front, but in the back, and the BULK of their business, was a row of CLOSETS, with a bench in each. You paid maybe $1.00 go get IN, then you went into one of the little closets and closed the door. There was a single light bulb and nothing else but a screen on the wall. You popped quarters into a slot and an old MOVIE projector behind the wall would play about 5 minutes or ten minutes of a silent porno flick. Keep adding quarters for more time.

Men used to go in there and you can guess what they did. Sometimes woman "working" the corner nearby, or even waiting IN the shop would join a guy in the booth and you can guess what THEY did too.

Anyway, he just bought a load of these old movie reels and some ancient projectors...ALL of which have rusted and fallen apart. SOOOOOO.....anyone have any suggestions on how to go about converting old 16mm and 8 mm movie stock (some looks darn brittle) to DVD or hard drive?

It is almost impossible to even find a plain old movie projector and he thinks he wants to preserved this "ancient history" porn!!!! None of it is "full length" movie stuff...just little short reels.

Any suggestions welcomed. I mentioned super 8 too, since I actually have a bunch of old family movies I would love to save!!!

Any advice folks?
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Antipova Antipova
My family had some 16mm film that we had converted to DVD (which could then be uploaded onto computer) by a company specializing in that. It was pretty affordable, and I think they had it done in a day. I don't want to say who publicly on the forums because I'd worry about giving away my location, but if you want the name and address of the place send me a private message and I'll give it to you.

Of course, there's the age-old question of "but won't the guy working at the conversion shop see all this x-rated footage?" And yes, yes they will. Ours was just a few old news reels so it wasn't a big deal to us.
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