Do you spank your children?

Do you spank your children?

klyte klyte
Is it an issue for you? I was never spanked growing up, so I'm not sure if different methods of discipline really have an effect on the way ALL children grow up, but do you feel like spanking your child is the best way?
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winterseve winterseve
No kids yet, but I was spanked as a kid. If done properly and carefully it is effective but not my first choice for discipline. My brother only responded to, I got grounded from books which was the worst punishment. I also got hot sauce for cursing and telling lies until my parents figured out I love hot sauce.
ijako9 ijako9
My wife and I have talked about this even though we don't have kids yet but if we feel it's necessary we will
hyacinthgirl hyacinthgirl
I don't have kids, but was spanked a few times as a child. Sometimes it's effective, sometimes it's not, but the main thing is it should never be done to cause pain. It's like training dogs (which some parents seem to find offensive, but it really is). You show that you are in charge and you are dominant.

I think parents need to work to find the most effective punishment for their child - some respond to time-outs and groundings, some respond to spanking, some respond to other things. You just have to know your child.
Youssii Youssii
I am absolutely completely against it.

If I'd been spanked as a child it would've been sexual abuse, because I've been aware of my fetish for it since I was 6 or so. I know this isn't true for all children, but no decent parent would risk it.

It would be no different to electrocuting my genitals or pinching my nipples as a punishment, and I would never ever forgive anyone who did it to me.

If you're going to spank, make it a consenting adult.
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