Do you tend to try to find how to solve problems or look for help before you do? :)

Do you tend to try to find how to solve problems or look for help before you do? :)

DreamWolf DreamWolf
Just wondering...
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gsfanatic gsfanatic
Try to solve, but if I'm clearly stuck, ask for help
Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
Fix whatever I can - then ask for help if google fails me!
K101 K101
Originally posted by DreamWolf
Just wondering...
Ha Ha. I'm SOOO a problem solver. Big time. Sometimes I think I'm more male-like when it comes to this area. Females are usually the type to do good with listening wheras males tend to want to solve the problem asap, no matter what and tend to get frustrated easily because they're problem solvers, even when sometimes we only need them to listen.

Course it ain't always like that though. I'm both. I can listen and be good at just listening, but I do problem solve. I want to fix everybody and their moma and I want to do it right then. I guess that could be why everybody in my family is forced to eat my aloe plant! LOL. My parents joke about it because every time they complain of a headache, swollen feet or something I cut them some aloe and watch them down it.

I just want everybody to feel good and be happy. I've always been that way. I like to please people. Even as a kid, I'll never forget being voted "most dependable" every year in my school years! I had thought I wanted to win "pretty" until I got voted dependable and that honestly made me feel better than had I been voted on looks. I still am the dependable person you can go to with problems and I don't like to just say "OK." I want to offer SOME kind of help, no matter what it is.

So I mostly go off experience. I don't usually go for help, unless it's needed. Like if a family member has some health ailment, I'll do some research. Now if I AM the one in need of help, I don't necessarily go look for it. I usually have help right here. My partner, mom, dad. They're usually around to help and happen to ask before I ever get the chance to spill.

I guess it would vary depending on the problem though. Usually my problems involve freaking out about something whether it's my tuition, schooling, or something else. I sometimes have these "OMG! I AM A FUCKIN' FAILURE!" bursts. Ha Ha. No, I'm not that bad, but lately, with the pressure on as I'm graduating from my writing courses, I have had these outbursts. I usually end up putting the energy into challenging myself, which is something that has truly helped me with my freak outs and anxiety. I'll have a melt down and then pick myself up and put every drop of sweat I have into something--yes, even if it's just tackling this messy house. That was my day today. Lol.

Usually, like I said, it depends on the problem. I have support here from my fam and Lovie. Now if it comes to something like my awful dental situation, I will and did seek professional help. Otherwise, I depend on the support from my loved ones.
js250 js250
I am a problem solver. My friends and family us me as their go-to person when there are any issues to deal with. It is a huge responsibility-but one that I have earned and put myself in. It is something I think I was born with, since it is how I have always been-even as a little kid I was telling the other kids how to do this or fix that, lol!! I seem to have a bit of a knack at seeing the end results and how to get there--for everyone else!! For myself--not so good. I can get there, but it sure takes me the long path or route.
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