Do you think Movie Stars, Famous musicians and Pro athelets are grossly overpaid?

Contributor: Bignuf Bignuf
I am always torn on this. I believe in the free market and people earing what society is willing to pay them. However, I also think someone making a few hundred thousand dollars to film a half hour comedy show or making multi millions of dollars because they are good throwing a ball, when so many other people are contributing essential services to us all (and getting paid peanuts by comparison) just doesn't ring right.

How do you feel about that vexing question?
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Contributor: Ansley Ansley
Movie stars? Absolutely.
Musicians? Eh...sometimes. Depends on the music and a bunch of other things.
Athletes? Yes and no...that's a lot of potential trauma and most athletes can't do anything else other than be athletes so they're being paid for what they'd earn if they worked until they day they died (which, let's face it, in football could be tomorrow).

It's definitely a heated topic. Some believe it's perfectly reasonable, other people find it to be a gross injustice. I guess only the people involved really know.
Contributor: C&K0143 C&K0143
No, the just price for one’s labor is that price that the market actors voluntarily agree to. If a company offers a movie star $10 million dollars for a movie role and the star agrees to the terms under which he will be paid, then he is not being overpaid at all.

The whole concept of “overpaid” and “underpaid” is not something that can be objectively defined. Simply put, there is no objective unit of measurement that proves one is over or underpaid. If there can be no objective measurement other than each individuals subjective valuation, then there is no such thing as over or underpaid. It boils down to Subjective Theory of Value and how market prices are arrived at. - C
Contributor: peachmarie peachmarie
I think that in most cases actors and athletes are overpaid, but athletes can only do their job for so long so the money they get hast to last if they are smart.