Do you use any ad-blockers?

Contributor: Rockin' Rockin'
I use Google Chrome as my browser, and I use AdBlock to hide the pop-up ads, blinking banners, etc. on some sites. I've found that it can make for a much cleaner browsing experience.

Do you use any ad-blockers with your browser? Let me know what ones you use or recommend in the comments.
Answers (private voting - your screen name will NOT appear in the results):
61  (74%)
15  (18%)
No, but I might in the future.
4  (5%)
I have magical powers and don't need ad-blockers.
2  (2%)
I never use the internet.
Total votes: 82
Poll is closed
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Contributor: Fullbeauty Fullbeauty
It's essential, especially if you ever browse the web for porn (not that I ever do that ) hehe But it helps on other sites, like wiki sites and things like that, makes for a much faster browsing experience!

Oh, and I just use the pop-up blocker that's built into Firefox
Contributor: namelesschaos namelesschaos
Yes, firefox's built in pop up blocker and a flash blocker that will block any flash till I tell it other wise, which blocks all those annoying flash adds.
Contributor: Jobthingy Jobthingy
Yep. Ad Block Plus on Firefox. I dont see ads on FB even.
Contributor: alliegator alliegator
Yes. It has just gotten to the point where pop-up and flash ads are too much. All the flash ads make webpages load so much slower. When you can't click away from an ad, or when you do it opens six more ads then it is a big nuisance.
Contributor: Vaccinium Vaccinium
Ad Block Plus is so awesome.
Contributor: Rockin' Rockin'
Originally posted by Jobthingy
Yep. Ad Block Plus on Firefox. I dont see ads on FB even.
I love that! Pages on Facebook look so much cleaner that way.
Contributor: sexyk515 sexyk515
Contributor: Anjulie Anjulie
yes, definitely
Contributor: Diabolical Kitty Diabolical Kitty
yup and never get pop ups
Contributor: Willis2011 Willis2011
Yes I do
Contributor: The Curious Couple The Curious Couple
I actually can't remember the last time I ran into a pop-up. Yay for pop-up blockers!
Contributor: Shellz31 Shellz31
No blockers here. I just ingore them .... barely notice most.
Contributor: married with children married with children
built in blockers. it is so nice to not click on a pop up that popped up on screen just as you where trying to click on something else.
Contributor: Dizzykakes Dizzykakes
I have it for google chrome. I think it works instantly.
Contributor: Kkay Kkay
Adblock for firefox, much prefer.
Contributor: Linga Linga
I use click to flash on my MacBook and since most ads are flash it works really well
Contributor: ToyGurl ToyGurl
I have pop up blockers but I don't have any ad blockers. I had one installed that came with my virus protection but I had tuned the setting off just to see what it was really blocking and now I can't seem to get it to work again. It's not a giant issue though. I suppose you mean the programs that block literally all ads on your internet pages?
Contributor: Beck Beck
My husband is computer nerd, he does everything to fix them and knows what porn sites are ones to use. Also he knows what sites; by looking at bug names; what site they come from. He spent a lot of time learning these things. Fist thing my old man does is remove Norton, he installs spybot and microsoft security essentials; these are free at; if you do want to take out Norton you have to do this with a program called simnert( not sure on spelling). These Antivirus softwares work great! Also never use internet explorer, download firefox this one has more security. I'll Have to get back to you about the safe porn site my hubby knows, who ever runs that website scans his porn daily and if you find a bug from his site you email him and he will get raid of it. These antivirus softwares will let you know when you are entering dangerous site and warn you also, you can scan the downloads before downloading them. Good luck...
Contributor: joja joja
Another vote for Adblock Plus. I also use it to hide Facebook "like" buttons and other annoyances.
Contributor: Breas Breas
I use google chrome as well
Contributor: TheSlyFox TheSlyFox
Contributor: Eucaly Eucaly
Firefox's Adblock Plus is great.
Contributor: GenderSexplorations GenderSexplorations
Adblock Plus is a lifesaver.
Contributor: Mike Honcho Mike Honcho
I use firefox and had adblock. I also have Foof and highly recommend it.
Contributor: Allstars316 Allstars316
I don't use any ad blockers.
Contributor: Cyber Angel Cyber Angel
i use adblock for chrome and it's great not just for ads. you can block any part of a website you want. other than ads i mostly use it to block automatic music players some people put on blogs. there was this one website i used to use that had so many superfluous features the site it took forever to load, i think i blocked about 60% of the elements on the site.
Contributor: joiedejouets joiedejouets
I use AdBlock for Chrome, It's the best.
Contributor: SourAppleMartini SourAppleMartini
I use AdBlock for Firefox. It is great, it blocks youtube commercials and other annoying stuff.
Contributor: sunflower sunflower
AdBlock plus and hallelujah, it blocks Youtube and Pandora ads.