does it seem like fetishes are becoming more mainstream?

does it seem like fetishes are becoming more mainstream?

T&A1987 T&A1987
between shades of grey and jokes and mentions of BDSM in sitcoms, it seems like many common fetishes are becoming more mainstream and if not accepted, at least acknowledged and discussed. Meanwhile, less common fetishes are popping up with more supporters on the internet than before, at least from what I've seen. Does this ring true with anyone, or am I mistaken?
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TransMarc TransMarc
I don't really know. I remember the only jokes about BDSM I heard were in South Park and Just Shoot Me! which are a bit old, now.
I don't really look at new sitcoms. However, I notice more discussions of it in talk-shows. I think it's a good thing, because even if it is not really seemingly challenging preconceived ideas to the person who is into it... it does step-by-step. Just you wait.
Also people will be like: "oh! that's a thing that exist! I thought I was weird" which is good. But I notice less common fetishes are treated less fairly than BDSM, for example.
michael scofield michael scofield
i think so
Ansley Ansley
Yes and I love it. People really need to talk about what they do in their bedrooms so that we can knock out all of this drama that comes with wanting to get off.

Adults? Check.
Sessions behind closed doors? Check.
No one is being abused or maimed without their express consent? Check.

The naysayers and haters can stfu.
js250 js250
It seems like with the coming of the internet, the Girls Gone Wild series of movies advertised on TV, talk shows like Jerry Springer etc., and the celeb sex tapes that sex, porn and certain fetishes have become more mainstream.

There are definitely new ones, odd ones and just plain disgusting ones that have popped up...but again it is the new generation of people who were raised in the internet era that has made sex a more open topic over all.

So much for the old Sears catalogue (underwear section), the stashed magazines and the furtive looks at the sepia tones, blurry VCR tape covers....oh, the good old days! Thank Goodness for technology..
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